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  1. at the beginning it says " imagine" at the the end it tells you who did the 3D..which means it is CGI..not real..made up..a pipe dream..FAKE..sorry
  2. silly question...but are you pressing the "start" button after you set them up to save the settings? also i have had it where the default skin gets loaded even after i save a new one correctly..try removing the default skin
  3. had similar issue the other day....i normally connect my xbox to my network by wireless,but wanted to update to the new kernal so used a network cable for speed and saftey...the next day i went to ftp a file over..using wireless , and it would not connect..i checked all my settings and everything was fine ,re-checked connection with cable and that worked ok....so i rebooted my router and xbox ....now everything works the way it used to ...wireless all the way....
  4. you beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 mins from start of downloading files to reboot of console....done and done!!! my granddad could have done this it was so easy(and he's been dead 20 years) thankyou so much...
  5. i had this issue when i made some of my own tabs....are you adding your tabs to an existing skin? try a different theme...i switched to the 'Darkskin' theme ..used my tabs.... lo and behold transparent backgrounds
  6. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1655-nuketown-bo2-not-showing-up-anymore-with-tu10/ i used this fix on my DLCs': (TU12) worked great...but you also need to check that yout TU is named correctly..there are lots about this on the forums
  7. Ninjas...lots of Ninjas...everyone knows ninjas make everything better.
  8. cool, thanks...do i need a crossover or straight ethernet cable
  9. is it possible to set up 2 xbox, 1 rgh,(game on internal HDD) 1 unmodded ( has retail disc) to play black ops 2 on a local lan...or do i need to have 2 copies of the game ...my son has friends coming over , and i stupidly said " of course i can do that son ",any help please....thanks
  10. tankman37

    A new user

    Hi Alhaji...welcome. first off, do NOT connect to xboxlive..there are plenty of really good tutorials on here for setting up your xbox so that you don't accidentally connect. You will be able to play on line with the rest of us with LINK...again lots of tutorials to help you. As for transferring games...i use an external HDD ..Copy the games to that ,then use the file manager in FSD to transfer them to the internal HDD. You could also FTP into your Xbox..i only have WiFi so this method is too slow for me,but if you have an ethernet connection that would work.
  11. same here..the RB button doesn't work..everything worked fine before i did the lastest F3 update (done using the F3 auto update) by the way just wanted to say..you guys rock ! will you have my babies?
  12. sorry that didn't work ,don't really know much about apple..but have you added your xbox to the airports' DMZ..and is it possible to connect with a cable(just to make sure everything else is working)
  13. http://www.jasonvanhorn.com/site/blog/does-the-xbox-360-work-with-apple-airport-express/ these forums are great ..but somethimes google is best....
  14. downloaded...transferred..edited..done...fantastic work..my son will freak over all the stages to choose from,and the cover flow choices are 1st rate...thanks
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