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  1. now new problem is when i want connect to the rooms will kick me unable to connect to host !!! plz help me
  2. i have same problem i am using Aurora 0.5b
  3. thnaks but i want play fifa 16 online any one knows how to do it ? i have jtag console !!!
  4. really thanks can you plz give me list of game i can play with this system
  5. pooyan

    IRAN xbox360 sys link

    سلام به همگی من همه مراحل رو رÙتم ولی system link توی منو اصلی کار نمیکنه آیا تو یه سری جاهای مخصوص کار میکنه ØŸ
  6. now i have other problem !!! all is done but my system link in main menu is deactivate !!!
  7. dos any one know what is my problem ? plz help me
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