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  1. ya i hope it comes online soon, i spoke to one of the moderators Boogie Man via email he said there trying to get it back
  2. My games keep freezing randomly everytime it does i have to shut it down manually and it just repeats and freezes at random times or crashes. i've tried downloading all my games and auroa but it still freezes, i cant play skyrim more then 20min.
  3. yes i would totally agree in saying felida get most credit, it was more of a learning session xD but i did help "some" lol But i did create the aurora rainbow part which i think personally is pretty neat
  4. true dat but i just wouldnt kno how to put moving picutures in lol
  5. I made this with a friends help, so i dont take full creditbiliy to this. Put this under skins folder in aurora folder. And if u want a different song for background just ask Please post if you do like it, makes me feel good =) There out of order but heres the best i can do: http://imgur.com/a/VZGKQ Chadillacs_Felida.xzp
  6. so far ive been copying all my games to a "Games" folder under the main external harddrive. I was wondering if i labeled them with content IDs and have it search my content folder and get rid of "Games" folder will it read there titles and display there name?
  7. i use neighborhood personally its alot easier, also theres a program called contentmanager u can look into that uses ftp
  8. Ive been searching all over for this and cant seem to find it. I got all the other DLCs and packs but this one. pls help
  9. I have all the DLC and most recent title update for BO2 but nuketown zombies isnt appearing at zombie entrer screen. XBLA can see it and it is activated and also its in DLC menu in auoura, but when u load zombies its not there. Please help.
  10. How do i change auroura startup logo to a really cool animated one?
  11. Do you have download link for xzp tool?
  12. i tried workshop but says missing jqe360 or whatever
  13. Yes but what do i use to edit XUR file?
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