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  1. yes yes yes! Whhoohhooooo! Finally got it working by disabling/unloading the plugin, thanks heaps mate So some COD worked on local LAN others didn't and I needed system link such as MW4, either way we had a blast with the kids On COD3 shame you cannot split screen, like COD2 but we had fun playing and now have WAN and LAN sorted Again thanks for taking the time to provide the steps needed to get this to work PEACE Kosti
  2. Ok finally got around to making the changes xb1 3071,3072 xb2 3073, 3074 xb3 3075, 3076 can now play LiNK and my friends can now see all players now the only problem is when we just want to play local without LiNK we can see the each other on the local LAN Ok so which link do I need to disable? This looked straight forward but seems something isn’t right! PEACE Kosti
  3. Ok thanks heaps, will try this again tonight and confirm to to close off, when I’m home and playing locally on my LAN, I don’t use the System Link Options to setup the game? i just go into the game of BO2 choose multiplayer “local” i will have a play around with it but it’s too damn hot right now to try but will report back asap Thanks again mate! Peace Kosti
  4. Thanks for the "pro tips"!! OK so when I am at home and playing locally on my LAN, do I not need to use LiNK for mulitplayer? I am a little confused on this comment now Rightio then for all 3 RGH devices at home should I be assigning fixed IP addresses and give them each different ports on the router for LiNK? I just assumed 3071 & 3072 was specific for Link to work?? For the "internet" connections being fixed or wired, is this so it keeps the same "game speed" again a little surprised by this but makes sense if its to keep the game play sync'd Thanks again for the taking the time to reply, if you could please clarify the above...Thanks. PEACE Kosti
  5. Kids holidays so we've been bashing BO2 over the last few days and I have 3 consoles that we use to play off via the LAN at home one in each room, I believe some are older Aurora version and DASH, but that doesn't seem to pose a problem and it all appears to works fine, as all 3 consoles can join a game that I create in the main lobby A friend wanted to play so we got him a console modded it and tried to play "online" via LiNK..This is where the problem appears. When at friends house, I can create a room in the lobby, and we wait for the kids to join at my place. When the first console at my place logs on all is fine we can see them join up however as soon the second console joins, it kicks out the previous console logged in at my place. Checking the Lobby, they are still connected one shows a crown next to user name however they cannot join the game no matter after this as they do not see the room when trying to refresh. When we reverse the role and I get them to create the room, once the two consoles at my place join, the one at my friends place cannot see the game in the BO2 system link when choosing join game? Game - BO2, TU18 Consoles all pass and test the LiNK and ports 3071, 3072, All consoles have unique UNITY logins, I go into game and setup 6 teams, just not sure what is going on so..any clues? What am I doing wrong? BTW Happy NEW YEAR all!! EDIT - All Dashboard settings are the same in the game, as per recommendations only the conpatch I manually enables..
  6. Hey All Am really excited with how things have turned out with my consoles, and LiNK with kids playing and even performing my own S-RGH on a StarWars console. So it was time to update my original JTAG from the original post when I started this thread back in 2015 which was on an old dash and a suspect HDD, so I reformatted the drive, cleared cache used FATxplorer to transfer all folders & updated to latest dash etc I noticed that in Aurora0.7b it's using Dashlaunch319, but I was using 3.18.1, (didn't know there was a new DL) so I just deleted the launch.ini file added in a new folder for DL3.19 and deleted the old 3.18.1 version. Setup DL3.19 reconfigured and saved the ini file to HDD, everything seemed to be working fine on the surface until I tried to launch xexmenu 1.2 from Aurora, and it would give a Fatal error intercepted, so I tried to find out why I couldn't run xexmenu anymore? I read on here to uninstall dashlauch and xex would work, but after uninstalling dashlaunch when I try to run xexmenu it just black screens, nothing showing. I tried deleting xexmenu and reinstalling same result, I even tried to run xex version 1.1 still black screen, and now when I restart the console, after the xbox360logo, it would sit there with the cursor circling looking for my avatar profile to sign in, which takes ages stating can't connect to live and to test internet, choosing no, it signs in the profile then a pop up would appear to choose the only single profile and again taking ages before the NXE dash would appear. (BTW I could launch games via NXE just not xexmenu) I could not get xex to work no matter what I tired, so I pulled out the HDD and looked at it via FATexplorer and found a file called xexloader.bin which I deleted, , I also deleted any files in the empty bin and content as performed by FATXplorer and proceeded to reinstalled xexmenu via the USB and it worked! XEXMENU now loads from the NXE dash so i proceeded to the DL folder 3.19 and was asked to install DL which seemed to zombied when trying to install so I turned off the console, reboot, ran xexmenu again from NXE and launched DL but this time it fired up and version 3.19, but the lanuch.ini file was on the flash? Proceeded to setup dashlaunch saved ini file to HDD and it all appears ok, but now when I try to use the right bumper from a restart of dash, the NXE still takes ages as described above What is or has been corrupted? What can I do to test or fix the NXE start up issue taking ages? Could this corrupted have occurred from a game or title update as I was performing the some TU? Anyone have some idea's or seen this behaviour before? Please let me know Cheers Kosti
  7. Thanks for the tips, if I can only get them off minecraft!!!
  8. Now we're cooking with gas! Just tested Blur and runs sweet! Blur even has cool interface for System LiNK The boys are happy, now to find something for the girls, maybe some tennis..:) Thanks team, this is really neat PEACE Kosti
  9. Cool, thanks for the reply So one API per console, they cannot share the same when trying to LAN game? Will try and setup a driving game over the weekend and see if I can get it working If only Daytona was one of those games that allowed it, damn that would be nuts in my house! EDIT, what will LiNK 2 bring the the table? PEACE Kosti
  10. Hey Team RMS Apology as do not want to be hijacking, or sidestep the OP's question but just wanted to ask can Aurora's file manager copy folders and content to another HDD connected to the usb port or across the LAN, would it be very slow worse than FTPn I recently performed such a task by removed the HDD's from the console(s) and used windows and an app FATXplorer which worked flawlessly with USB3 caddys and done 1TB quite quickly to my surprise compared to my last HDD rebuilt was done via FTP and took days, i guess you don't need to move large volume of files every day, but Id thought Id ask since the topic was File manager PEACE Kosti
  11. Rightio, chaps I'm getting there slowly and now I've just discovered LiNK!! After finally have the consoles setup in the kids rooms I was trying to figure out how to plan "LAN" games, it took me a while but got everything setup and it worked, but just wanted to clear up some steps I took and if this was the correct approach, most was trial and error. I used CODII which seemed to be the most popular title and went through the motions to join a public game, but could never see the game in System Link to join even after choosing one with a few players, then it dawned on me that my two consoles had the same unity ID & API, so I created a second account one changed the API accordingly and it popped up and could join and we now have 'LAN Play" yipee Then I wanted to create my own room for the kids to play and set this up with a PW, it took me a while to figure it out that I set it up in System LiNK, I then needed to "create" my game in the CODII title so the other consoles could see it being hosted. I am not sure if this is how it's supposed to work but we now have the 3 consoles working are having a lot of fun, So A BIG THANK YOU! this is so much fun and we have the 3 working nicely, as Console 1 Aurora 0.5b, UNITY and RSS off, Console 2 Aurora 0.6b UNITY, RSS off, Console 3 Aurora 0.7b NOVA RSS on (next chance I get is to update them all to latest Aurora0.7b) Now I don't want to take out the worst parent of the year by having my 5 year old playing CODII with his siblings, could I potentially create any capable LAN playable titles and play them or must they be available of the server to emulate or patched? I looked at the list on the wiki (not sure how upto date it is) there are some not too violent games such as Blur/Dirt3 which I was wondering if its possible to achieve the same game play as COD using this wonderful service that I've discovered some years later? PEACE Kosti
  12. Hey Team, I'm in the process of making a identical copy of my HDD using FATXplore to do this, damn its a good FileManager, thanks Eaton bloody nice and easy mate!.. So in my case, can I just copy the Aurora6.b/Data/Titleupdate/2020202057202D44585731393945443433355243/ "content" into Aurora7b under the same directory structure without problems? Also do I need to copy the Database and GameData content from these folders across to avoid corruptions or probelms So far I am doing a 1:1 copy of each folder I have from the root of the HDD1 to HDD2, I've not copied the profiles folders, just content/0000000000000000 folders across and copied the cache folder, will take a bit of time to move the 1 TB across so hoping this will work and when i reboot the new HDD2 in another console and launch A7b, scan the directories it should all work? Thoughts
  13. Yeah, I've seen FATX and since it wasn't or hasn't been touched for years I didn't try it, It may do what i need and at a mush faster pace, but was hoping a updated version would've been produced by now. The 7 day trial may just be enough to do what I need but I am not sure how to to actually go about it so I get everything mirrored across. Can I copy all the folders and directories across and will the title covers and TU be able to sync properly or will all these needs to be downloaded again. Only the profiles would be different that I don't need to copy across but then again it shouldn't matter since none go live, but not sure how it would work on LINK. Sorry if I've started something not related to Aurora 7b, was just hoping I could've achieved this in release Cheers Kosti
  14. I am trying to wrap my head around the best option for transferring all titles from one 360 to another 360 and retain both. Since one is 2TB and the other is 1TB I'm trying to find the fastest possible now that I have one of the 360's setup the way I wanted with all TU's etc, I just wanted to mirror this to the 2nd console without the tedious manual task I just went through on the first one :) I read about ConnectX.xex and the use of FSD, primarily used for streaming titles over a network but not ideal and is slow for transferring folders? Assume it doesn't work well on Aurora since connectX is patched? Then I read FSD supports Samba natively but potentially corrupts and is not as fast as say FTP? FTP needs to be set up for binary transfer mode, and not Ascii transfer mode as Ascii mode tends to corrupt data, especially on bigger files although still slow. Another option was Xbox360neigboughood but again slower than FTP? Finally Aurora just isn't ready for the content management / file transfer SMB tasks So I have to go down one of these options but not sure the fastest safest (data integrity) way to do what I need, so looking for any final idea's thoughts as I didn't want to ad FSD just for SMB Cheers Kosti
  15. I was thinking of adding in FSD since I am wanting to copy from a current XBOX to a newly RGH console but keep the files on the other unit, I was hoping I could just use windows to do this but its not so easy Will keep going with the laborious task unless FSD can do this nicely since I've never used FSD Cheers Kosti
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