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  1. xbox 360 shuts off after a few minutes then i turn it on again and the resolution is changed welp
  2. oh i m running it from internal hdd
  3. this game is so laggy is there any solution
  4. everytime i try to join a room my xbox turns off by itself : /
  5. little late tho but changing the name of the pic solves the problem
  6. goodguykaif

    Thank you

    yea dont wanna be that other guy who got logic bombed xD
  7. so its like clash of clans where u donate shit they make u elder or co-leader but here u gotta contribute help people and know tons of shit really tons of fukin shit lololololool
  8. i dont get what u mean sorry i mustve f*ked something up ill just reinstall aurora XD thanks for taking ur time answering my stupid questions
  9. havent touched anything in quickview i use show all filter
  10. games i hidden are not showing even after i set them to show for example if i wanna launch mass effect 2 disc 2 i will have to set it to show everytime i start aurora its no big problem just some seconds consuming xD
  11. i dont have any1 of em so yea lol
  12. Modern Warfare trilogy is coming to Xbox360
  13. goodguykaif


    my friend is getting freezes everywhere in games and dashboard
  14. Why some people play BO2 SystemLink on TU 0...
  15. what will happen if i set my fan speed to max ?
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