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  1. Atifkazia

    F3 crash

    Good for you. Good luck getting support for fsd here.
  2. Atifkazia

    F3 crash

    1.Bullshit? Aurora is made by the same people who made FSD(ithink few people left the scene), the themselves say that FSD is useless compared to better and faster Aurora.. they no longer support fsd. 2. Just like fsd , jqe360.com is also old and outdated , newer one is called xboxunity.net .. move on time has passed.
  3. Atifkazia

    F3 crash

    Stable? Hahaha then why are you getting errors and problems with stable FSD .. again move to aurora , far better.
  4. I think it was clear enough.. but .. there is a search button (top right corner) in this page, you search what your problem(s) are and you can find the solution, this scene(i mean this site and people here) is active from a long time (afaik) and problems like these, which you have have already been discussed many times. If you would have searched , you wouldve found the solution, okay its enough lol the solution is to disable the RSS feed which you can find somewhere in the settings of aurora(i cant exactly remember where, you will easily find it if you browse around) i think i have replied to you on another thread about your ports problem.. No i am not
  5. Search for port forwarding tutorials for your specific router you have. Also you need ports if are hosting the game, you can play without ports too
  6. Use the search button, it has been discussed a million times by now.
  7. Enable ping patch limit in dashlaunch.
  8. http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144
  9. Switch to Aurora, its better than FSD, also probably you have to update the kernel, not FSD.. what kernel version you on?
  10. Yes there is a way to fix it, you can find it using the search button. This has been discussed 100 times by now.
  11. If you dont want crashes, switch to Aurora. Its way better imo.
  12. Everytime I load the site it gives me bad gateway error, anyone else having this issue? It goes away when i reload it, not a big issue but.. is it a problem with my network or this site's problem?
  13. You need to set up LiNK , you can follow the following video tutorial.
  14. google has everything you need my friend
  15. You can still play in public rooms. No player can kick you from public rooms you probably got kicked because you had a shit connection like teleporting through the map or maybe you were using hacks..
  17. Atifkazia

    New update?

    Thanks for the info!
  18. Atifkazia

    New update?

    Hey, I have been inactive for a while, I have noticed that this site has been updated. It looks pretty good but is there a way to change the skin of the site? Like old RMS you could switch between white and black. Also i have noticed there are no signatures in the current one, is there some setting to enable or something for it to show up?
  19. disable RSS feed, search button helps a lot.
  20. Play on LiNK as it is free and fun, no need to pay for anything.
  21. I know nothing about this stuff, when they said about custom scripts i was excited. "What am i trying to do" im just trying to learn about LUA and how LUA works. Again i have no experience doing this nor i was taught by anyone. Any good place to start learning? Especially holidays are near for me might be something useful to do Good luck staying here
  22. Oh come on! Be respectful and positive, they are making such useful softwares + for free and you behave like this?! "U can just make things" it isnt just making things, i just tried to learn about LUA scripting, maybe just get the basics, but just in the introduction video that ive seen on youtube im stuck. And thats just making a script i cant imagine how hard it would be for making the whole dashboard Thanks TeamPhoenix for their precious time and hardwork!
  23. Atifkazia

    Best PS4 Games?

    Ive got my ps4 finally, very happy with it..have 3 games uncharted 4(most of the bundles are with this game, i highly recommend it, this game is FANTASTIC! I got mine for 212 usd) watchdogs 2 (its decent, not a huge fan) Fifa 17(got it for my brother) so im looking for games to expand my library, i need to know the best games that people have tried and think that they are most worth it. Thanks
  24. You need to get the compatibility packs along with the latest TU, google has everything you need.
  25. SteamOS by mknorton(official one) has already been updated for 0.6b http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4701-skin-aurora-steamos/
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