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  1. This is definitely awsome .Great work .With this coverflow i can finally see the background .Keep it up man!
  2. It isn't showing up at the skin selection in Aurora 0.6b .Are you sure it's a 0.6b skin?
  3. Hi Salah ,thanks man you are the best! i'm gonna use this track .Its an oldie but goodie :
  4. Could somebody please make the Original Aurora 0.6b skin with background music? I had one for 0.5 but for 0.6b all i can find are skins wich are too editied for me .I know how to replace the .wav so that's not a problem .Thank you very much in advance
  5. I've updated from FSD 2.2 to F3 yesterday and i think it's great .Personally i would like a more dark skin but i recon skins will be available later .Is it nessesary to update Dashlaunch? Or is it all good when F3 boots up like a charm?
  6. Thanks for this tutorial .I've been messing around with Xbox 1 games from the start
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