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  1. It worked perfectly! Now the song appears in the song list Thank you very much! I'll also take a look deeper in this post you mentioned. When I enter the game now I don't need to hold RB anymore to make the song appear, though 🤔 But it is working, so it's fine. Thank you again
  2. Thanks for answering, felida So the only way to play the song is to have the PAL version of the game? The game being Region Free doesn't mean it should work like both NTSC and PAL? Regarding the NAND edition, I'm not even sure if I'm doing the change correctly. When opening the updated NAND with the xeBuild GUI it still shows "NTSC/USA" in the "Console Region". Should this field change? Where can I see that the change was successful? What I did was: Open my flashed dump Insert CPUKey Click "Switch to advanced mode" in the tools bar In the "Main" tab, under "Misc Options", check "Use Custom xeBuild Settings" In the "xeBuild Settings" tab, change "Game Region", "DVD Region", and "Video Mode" to PAL/Europe Click "Generate hacked image" button In the XBOX, use Simple NAND Flasher to write the new NAND file Do I need to do something else?
  3. Hi everyone I have a Just Dance 3 Region Free version in my HD and I wanted to play "Lena - Satellite" in Just Dance 3, which is a song that exists only in the PAL version of the game. I was checking the game's files and found out that the music file is there (check attached image 1), but it doesn't appear in the song list inside the game. I already tried modifying the NAND with XeBuild GUI to have the PAL (Europe) Game Region, DVD Region, and Video Mode (check attached image 2), but the music didn't appear in the list as well. I already tried to change the Location at the console configuration as well, and it didn't work. Do you know anything else I can do to unlock it? From my point of view, as the game is Region Free, and the song file is there, it should be playable somehow. I already tried to find a PAL version of Just Dance 3 for download, but I couldn't find it anywhere. My XBOX is RGH with Kernel 17526, Corona 4gb. Freestyle, Aurora, and Dashlaunch updated with the last version in 2019-02-21
  4. I am playing this game and I had the same error The folder named 000D0000 is the one that has your game, that is only the episode 1. The folder named 000B0000 has a TU, and the last folder has the DLCs, which is the next episodes. So, what you have to do is: Put your DLCs in a Xbox formatted drive (don't need to be everything at the same time, just put the DLC of the episode that you want to play) - There are some tutorials here in the forum of how to put DLCs - Tuto by JPizzle - Tuto by Anonymous Then, if you want to play the Episode 1, install the TU 1. If you want to play Episode 2, install the TU 2, and same for Episode 3 and 4. Having those things prepared, in your Xbox, run the file that is in 000D0000 folder with your File Manager, and have fun ^^ Vote Waldo!
  5. Hi! Did you try to refresh artwork of other games? Maybe the content of your specific game is corrupted, then you have to upload it manually by FTP to your Xbox. If you don't have any other game, download an Arcade, because the most is light. If it don't work, reply us with the news. (sorry bad english)
  6. Is your SO a Windows 8? Some users have problem with the field "User and Password" when trying to connect with Windows 8 I had this problem when I was installing ConnectX. In User name you have to put the microsoft account email and put the password in the password field. It can be on the Sharing Settings of your folder too. In your computer, go to the folder that you want to share, than right click it and go to Properties Then go to the Sharing tab and click in Advanced Sharing Check the Share this folder box if it's not checked. In Share Name, put an easy name (that's the name that you have to put in the ConnectX settings), than go to Permissions and check Full Control in the Allow collum. Click OK, than OK and Close the Properties windows. Now go to the ConnectX settings in your Xbox and try those new names. ^^ (Sorry bad english)
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