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    link issues

    No we are not, but we solved the problem. We did a fresh install (fsd, dashlaunch) and downloaded the TUs only from xbuc. So thank you for the help, it works now.
  2. Melfyce

    link issues

    I have only this account, if you are asking me.
  3. Melfyce

    link issues

    None of it helped, I wrote after 2 days of searching neither of them helped in my problem. As I wrote, the LiNK works just not between the two xboxes. TY for the help, I will stick to xbslink for now.
  4. Melfyce

    link issues

    If you show me one, I will belive you... p.s.: thank you for nothing
  5. Melfyce

    link issues

    Hi guys! First of all I would like to thank you this great program! But sadly I have some minor problem with it. The LiNK works (I can go into lobbies, host, play), and so does my brother's (he lives 40 kilometers away). The only problem is that we cannot see each other in game if one of us hosts. We can see each other in LiNK lobbies and if someone else hosts ingame. First time when we wanted to test it in Bops2 (all dlc, TU7) we could see each other, he created a room, I joined but threw me off with this error: Error accessing presistent rank data (0). Since then started the problem. Tried several TU (Bops 2) and game (x-com) with no luck. Devlink:off, Pingpatch: on, game has same media id, fresh freestyle and dashlaunch downloaded from here, dashboard: 14699. Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.
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