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  1. I have all dlc and tu18 can't join any server playing dlc map . Can anyone pls give me a tutorial about sharing connection between pc and jtag (wired connection ) أرسلت بواسطة iPhone بإستخدام Tapatalk
  2. I tried to play BO2 using modem and the servers are shown but it gives me " Unable to join game session " أرسلت بواسطة iPhone بإستخدام Tapatalk
  3. But it worked for sometime then stopped أرسلت بواسطة iPhone بإستخدام Tapatalk
  4. i dont have a modem . i have a router with a SIM card in it . i used 3074 port and reboot my router . nothing happen
  5. BO2 servers are not showing to me . i wait for an hour . i think it cant be shown when the data and broadcast port unreachable . TU 18 AND ALL DLCS FOR BO2 . STILL NO SERVERS . I already did as i saw on portforwarding.com and nothing happened
  6. I don't have the option for 3071-3072 . How do I use different ports ? I can join the system link rooms but the servers aren't showing to me أرسلت بواسطة iPhone بإستخدام Tapatalk
  7. i cant go online with system link . i have a huawei E5172 router . i searched for too long to see how to port forwarding and i do as i saw , but when i do verify on my jtag it gives me data port reachable : failed broadcast port reachable : failed pls help me , i really want to play games with system link .
  8. I have a proplem with my freestyle plugins. i load it in aurora. and i set as default in dashlaunch. and it work but the systemlink and file browser buttons not working . plz help me i searched for a long time but no answer.
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