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  1. yeah i need to delete the fsd completely as its just freezing the system and crashing also not adding content to the library.
  2. so i have just come home and found that fsd keeps crashing i left it to dl the covers and such and it crashed and keeps crashing.
  3. hi all, i am new here and am looking for some help for my rgh console. its a jasper with the 512mb nand. no i live in australia and up until recently did not have the greatest internet, so i had a mate who used to get me games and help me with the problems i have had with the unit. i have moved and had not talked to him in months. i decided to use the freestyle dash updated iso to get my unit to f3 and update dashlaunch to 3.05 but now my dashlaunch has screwed up and it just boots to the nxe. i can get f3 to run if i access it via xexmenu and i have download and (i think i have installed) dashlaunch 3.07. what else do i need to tell you to get some help. i think my kernal is 16199. i will go home tonight and check to see if games are working after i reset the scan paths. also once its working again and since i have decent internet now, i wanted to look in to setting up the rgh version of xbox live, the xai link or what ever its called.
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