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  1. ej slovenac! http://documentation.netgear.com/rp614v4/enu/202-10167-01/rp614v4-6-03.html here is how to port forward. you need to create manual ip adress for your console and after that do the port forward. for example: your router default ip is set ip on xbox after that do port forward with that adress(
  2. thank you! It works like charm!!! Thank you very much!!!!
  3. Hey guys! I have 60gb cechc04 PS3 with cfw 3.41(hermes payload) and Rebug selector(4.00 Spoof). Console is not downgraded. I would like to know what i have to do to install latest cfw because it's confusing with hermes and rebug onboard. i have video with details about my console. Sorry about broken english! thanks in advance!
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