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  1. Xbox read the launch file from the USB? Not from the HDD, when the USB gets removed, it searches the HDD for a launch file. Then it would find the old Launch file. Now made sure the copy worked, and I am sorted! Thanks! Launching into Aurora again. Now just back to issue of not being able to play. Compatibility packs probably being my problem.
  2. Ok, seems if I have my USB stick in the XBOX it boots to Aurora, and all my covers are there... But I am pretty sure the Launch.ini refers to Aurora on the HDD...
  3. Ok, no joy yet on playing online, but I will pursue that separately. For now though, this morning when I started up my Xbox, it booted back to FSD. I then went to games,and launched Aurora from there. When I got into Aurora, it is like it is a clean install? All the covers I downloaded are gone? Also the TU's? I got it to boot into Aurora by editing the launch.ini file. What would cause this?
  4. Compatibility packs? That could be my problem, as I don't know what they are..
  5. Ok, testing on COD Advanced Warfare. I get to join Rooms. But when I go to the Multiplayer section I get asked to sign into Xbox Live. I dont get to join games?
  6. Ok, Ungreyed! Awesome! Thanks for the help Swizzy. Spot on...
  7. Hi, I have gotten this far: I have Auroara set to boot auto when I turn Xbox on (launch.ini) I have forwarded my ports on Router. I have created a Unity Acc, and linked it with Xbox. When I verify LiNK settings, everything passes. However, System Link stays greyed out? I am trying on COD Advanced Warfare, and COD Ghosts. Applied latest TU's. Any ideas as to what I can investigate next? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi! Ok, I posted elsewhere on this forum, asking for help to get my XBOX to play online. I have / had what seem to be FSD3. I downloaded both Dashlaunch, and Aurora, and then used Dashlaunch to update my Launch.ini to point to Aurora. It boots into Aurora now. I then try to link my Unity account. It fails to get an API. It does so in a splitsecond. So, not even sure if it really goes online. xhttps is enabled in dashlaunch. Did I do something wrong? Or do I just wait it out... The error does include "...try again later."
  9. Screw this.. Ima go light the fire for the BBQ. I got Aurora launched from FSD, but I cant get signed into Unity. If anybody would like to help, I will be checking this page every few minutes. I wanna play :'(
  10. I can't find any clues how to install Aurora.. so frustrating. I know it would probably be simple... Just not sure where to start. I downloaded Aurora 0.5b... and now stuck... I guess I gotta keep scratching..
  11. Thanks Swizzy!!! Ok, so, switching to Aurora? I got FSD pre-installed from the guy that did the work for me. Is there a tutorial that you know of I could use to upgrade to Aurora? I currently boot straight into FSD, will I then boot straight into Aurora? Also, are there any costs involved playing on "LiNK"?
  12. What is JQE360 account? What do I need it for?
  13. See, I have never played on Xbox live, so, I am not missing anything. I would just like to play online, on some fun servers.
  14. Hi.. Ok, I tried Googling this, but too many different opinions, and tutorials. I am lost. I bought a Xbox360 a few months ago, and had it RGH'ed. I installed a 1TB hdd, and had it filled with games. I now download my own games, use iso2god, and copy them into the Games folder to play. I can get this far. Now, is there a way to play online with an RGH Xbox? What do I need to be doing? Or googling? I am pretty sure I run FSD3. When it boots, it looks similar to the attached image. (Googled the pic, not my actual console) Thanks in advance..
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