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  1. Hi guys! I am new Xbox 360 so i am tottaly n00b with that i have few questions that i really nee a help: 1)How i can play Online?I saw alot of tutorials on youtube but still i cant do it(i am even configured router for that) i am also registred on xboxunity and logged in on my xbox but still i cant play it! 2)How i can update?On my Xbox it dont have categorys such as TV & MOVIES or something like that,i have old version,I dont know how to update it and im scared that my xbox will be banned! 3)How to "make" XBLE stealth on my Xbox?I know its possible but as I say,im scared to be banned! 4)How i can have Aurora on my Xbox?I just really want it because it looks beautiful and its better than FreeStyleDash3 and is it possible to delete FSD3 and have only Aurora? Sorry for bad "anglish" and Thank You alot for helping me because i really need it!
  2. Hi guys! i have also that problem and i am reseted my password and it still dont works,username : lovac1
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