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  1. When i am connecting to "server" it kickes me and says unable to connect to host,what to do?(i know few are made topic about that but noone gived a solution I mean how others can play but I cant?)

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    manually edit your launch.ini:

    ; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons
    ; leave this blank if you want NXE as default
    Default = Hdd:\Aurora\Aurora.xex
    make sure the default line relfects to your install..


    I dont undertand,can you please tell step by step what should i do on Dashboard?

  3. 2) press start, and the info is in the servers tab

    3) Yes.. TU downloading will work with Aurora.. as that is the new standard for Unity and eventually LiNK 

    How i can make that Aurora is default "boot" i am always changing this on dashlaunch and saving through HDD but still when i am turning on xbox its still FreeStyle

  4. Clearly you don't read what i said as i've told you twice in this thread to read the tutorial linked to in my signature, yet you ask me how to update your console... how hard is it??

    It's in the settings menu, try checking there...

    If you're using FSD that's the reason, it's no longer supported...

    1) ok :(

    2)where on settings,i cant find ti?

    3)So did will work on Aurora?

  5. 1) So, your ISP connection is a WIFI connection? that'd be bad for you as it means you're suffering from the "Double NAT" issues...

    4) Are you able to read? i hope so... check my signature below, you'll find a link to a guide explaining to you EXACTLY how to update your console, if you don't want to read... stop asking for help, sell your console to someone that wants to learn and go retail ;)

    2)Lol hahah

    1)so can you please tell me how to fix it? 

  6. Joining IRC only to ask ppl to check your thread isn't going to get you very far...

    Stick around and ppl WILL help you...

    1) What type of connection do you have? perhaps it's something with your connection causing LiNK not to work? or are you talking about Xbox LIVE? (the later isn't supported on this site, and you shouldn't be on there with a JTAG/RGH system in the first place)

    2) Read the guide in my signature below, being banned is a blessing... it means you'll no longer have to worry about being banned, or even that your console accidently will update from xbox live...

    3) You won't get support for those services on this site, if you continue asking for it, you'll be kicked from our forum and won't get any further assistance...

    4) Just transfer the files to your console and run it... it's really not hard... and yes, you can delete FSD and only use Aurora if you want... it's all quite simple stuff really...

    Most of these answers are available to you once you've read some of the guides...


    2)Ill try,thanks

    3)ok,sorry br0

    4)But how,i dont know how to do it?

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