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  1. NO i wasnt think about that :haha: i was thinking what i can do on linux about xbox
  2. So what I can do with my Linux computer?
  3. No because I was have Windows 7 and it was lagging and I had alot of problems then I installed Ubuntu and I am thinking to move to Windows 10 because I heard that its more stable and optimized
  4. But i don't know how to connect and I have Ubuntu computer
  5. And why when I am pressing on launch.ini it don't want to open?
  6. Problem is when I was have this fan was not working until I went to FSD3
  7. On Aurora i made that last one is enabled but still on FSD3 and Aurora it says TU version 0 and I cant anymore see hosts in game !!!
  8. Actually I have found that I have problem with TU because every time it shows TU version 0 but I downloaded all!!!???
  9. Dammed,thats too much of work!
  10. So you want to say that i need to check every port to see which works?
  11. Dammed,how i can check which ports are mostly used?
  12. Is it depends where i am live(country)?
  13. I find solution,use Aurora instead FSD3 it will work
  14. My connection is good,can you tell me in which"number" should i change port?
  15. I have also that problem on COD GHOSTS(i have compatibility pack 1 and 2) and i cant still play it it also kicks me and say that? Btw.in which "number" i should change port in Aurora if i am in router set 3071 and 3072,on verifying everything is correct(pass)?
  16. On router and Xbox i setted ports 3071 and 3072 and i have also compatibility pack 1 and 2 and still i cant play it,after ....CONNECTING...5 it kicks me and says unable to connect to host!
  17. I said to you-i am not lazy I read it and everything is now fine i fixed it,thank you for help!
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