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  1. yeah for me i've tried black ops 3 but there is one thing i didn't like in it, the jumping in the air plus the walking on walls like prince of persia those things are bad for an FPS game, and that's why i still play black ops 2, and ofcourse this is just my opinion. :thumbup:

    Thank You :) !!!

  2. Yeah, we've dumped the NAND and we've dumped games... this was done ages ago...

    I was one of the first to dump games (C4Eva did it before i did tho, but i wrote a quick tutorial as to how to do it... very easy...) however... none of the games work, probably because we can't dump the security sectors which they've no doubt got on the discs to protect them (much like they did on Xbox 360)

    The NAND probably holds a hidden partition which isn't dumped yet afaik...

    I'm whit you guys, just please"root" it,I believe you can do this!!

  3. You are out of luck, on this site you'll get absolutely 0 help with Stealth and all that bullshit, if you want to go on Xbox Live, you'll have to get a retail console and play retail games like everyone else :)

    About 90% of XBOX 360 RGH/Jtag console owner have this mostly just for piracy.

  4. Not right now, it'll be all over the internet as soon as it comes, and you can be sure that we'll have it posted here, and it'll be front page news (if it turns out to be true and not someone trying to get his/her 5 minutes of fame by posting fake information)

    Thank You, can you please tell me when will approximately come to "live" because it was 2 years that Xone I released and still there is no "root" for that console?

  5. You need the latest one (or which ever one you want to use) which matches your version of the game (check MediaID)

    Where it goes depends on the type, some goes into device:\Cache\ others go into device:\Content\000..00\TitleID\<can't remember the name of this folder at the top of my head>\

    Ill try,thanks

  6. Well, if you downloaded the TU over Wifi, it's likely the TU was corrupted during the transfer, meaning the data in the file isn't what it's supposed to be.

    Can you give me link where I can download TUs?

  7. Wine isn't making applications 100% compatible with linux, it tries, but there's far too much in windows that might be used that causes it to not work with every single case, this is likely one of them whether you like it or not... your best bets is to run these applications in Windows, the OS they were designed for...


  8. Well, if you downloaded the TU over Wifi, it's likely the TU was corrupted during the transfer, meaning the data in the file isn't what it's supposed to be...

    So what I need to do?

  9. TU 0 happens when you don't have the TU enabled or the TU is corrupt...

    Fanspeed -> change the target temps in Dashlaunch, don't set a static fan speed!

    I have enable TU on Aurora but still TU is 0 and how did you mean corrupt TU?

  10. Hi!

    I have finally connected my Xbox to my PC linux through FTP now i need to know whats next to do that i fix the TU version 0 problem btw.I have all TU but always when i am joing to multiplayer it says tu version 0 and how i can set fan speed for aurora when my xbox is turning on?

  11. online only. no system link support

    Awwwhhhgg...too bad

    You can try playing the games from the Saints Row franchise, I think all of them support System Link. (Saints Row 2 and 3 have the same play style as GTA franchise, Saints Row 4 and 5 got out of hand and your character have super powers and stuff..)

    Yeah but noone plays through system link
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