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  1. Tahnk you very much.
  2. No. In this folder I have only folders of games extracted by Xbox Image Browser. Some of these games has some of those files in its folder. May be that one game extraction was bad?
  3. In Settings is only Usb0Games folder to scan. It is on external HDD.
  4. I was searching this forum and whole web but without any success.I have RGH only 2 weeks. First time in F3 was great Cower Flow - only with games on drive. But after few days, (I thing after Kinect Calibration) there appears these files: - AvatarEditor- dash.ExtraAVCodecs- dash.firstuse- dash.natalpregame- dash.NuiFirstUse- Dash.Search- dashnui- Guide.AccountRecovery- Guide.AvatarMiniCreator- Guide.Fitness- Guide.NuiTroubleshooter- livepack- natalsu- nuihud- Xam.Community- Xam.LiveMessenger- Xam.WordRegister- Xbox Dashboard- XimeDic- XimeDicCh- ximedicex without cover. I thing these files are within some games, or any system files. Am I right? How can i hide these files in cover flow? THNX. p.s.: Sorry for my bad english.
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