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  1. Hi I want to increase the storage of my Xbox 360 slim but I don't know if buy a bigger internal hdd or a external hdd , in What option I will have the best performance ? And other question , Is better put Aurora in a USB or in the internal hdd for a better performance playing online (Sistem Link) And the xbox have a better performance with pendrives/ hdd 3.0 or 2.0 , I know the xbox 360 only have usb 2.0 but I read that the pendrives have a better performance even in usb 2.0 I play in 1080p Sorry for my English
  2. Sorry for answering so late, but I'm in exams jaja, felida yes, I noticed that laterThanks for your answers and sorry for my bad English.
  3. I don't what happened but I reinstalled again Aurora and now all the trainers works, thanks for yours answers
  4. I put my trainers in the same place like the others versions, but the trainers don't appear in the menu of the game when I want to activate it .
  5. I know, all is correct but don't work
  6. I launch a trainer with Aurora but it doesn't work, before all the trainers worked well but suddenly they stopped working.
  7. the option does not appear to activate TU, I can download the TUs and I can play with the TUs which I had already activated, but I can't activate new TUs because don't appear the option
  8. OK thanks, Sorry for answer late, I was in exams,another question, Is xyzmods still available ? I can't enter
  9. I bought a new memory for my Xbox. I need to download all the covers,icons,videos, blabla again ??
  10. , yea,I eliminated the trainer because I put it like a pugling and now I can play in link without problems, thanks a lot
  11. I found the solution, was a puglin, more specific, a trainer, I forgot disable it, I couldnt test it very well, but I could play 30 minutes
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