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  1. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

  2. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    Price drop to $40 Can't believe there is no interest of this magic piece of HW
  3. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    Still available to sell.
  4. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    As Swizzy explained (thanks Swizzy), Xecuter DemoN perfectly fits Trinity motherboards (no need of additional QSB installation). @Sebastián Barrenechea: PM'd you the price incl. shipping to Chile.
  5. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    Still active offer, genuine TX DemoN Slim in great condition.
  6. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    Still available to sell.
  7. tr4ckerz

    TX DemoN SLIM

    Up for sale I have one piece of TX DemoN SLIM, removed from a console at the customer's request. DemoN was working until the last day when it was removed from console so it is in well working condition. The picture below is made with removed DemoN, connected just through USB cable. DemoN comes with all the parts same as you would receive it from the shop except the wires (some are missing). It became rare lately as it is hard to find one for sell. It includes retail box, a card with warning notice, DemoN itself, daughter board, CR extension board, Corona 16MB V1/V3 upgrade QSB, unused ribbon cables (factory sealed) and unused genuine sticker. I'm asking $50 $40 +shipping. Currency can also be converted either to EUR or GBP. I can ship worldwide. Payment via PP gift or Amazon Gift Card, both possible.
  8. All remaining items in stock were sold in one LOT. Everything is now gone. THREAD CLOSED
  9. PM'd the details, tomorrow I will ship your items As Swizzy explained I updated my remaining stock just a few days ago and unfortunately all CR4 are sold out. I'm trying to obtain another batch and I will update information accordingly if they are available to sell.
  10. All CR4 are now sold out and out of stock.
  11. Everything listed in the first post is still available, I have more pieces of each item.
  12. No problem, I still have a couple of them available. Check your PM.
  13. They were rev.C but unfortunatelly sold and out of stock. Only items listed with prices in the OP are available.
  14. No prob mate, will PM you with details
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