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  1. This will be a tutorial on how to host modded lobbies for all Call of Duty Games. Basically there are two different ways of hosting lobbies nowadays. They are: 1. Old method (applying patch via a file manager) 2. Real Time Modding (RTM) method (using an application on your PC to connect to your PS3 system to poke commands to the game) Old Method: The old method is very easy, but it’s getting harder and harder to find patches for the current game versions, or if you’re on Black Ops 2 or Ghosts, there are none at all, these are all done via RTM. Things you’ll need for the Old method: 1. A Patch (just search for your desired games patch update) Cod4: 1.7​ WAW: 1.5​ MW2: 1.14 Black Ops: 1.13 MW3: 1.24​ 2. A file manager. This can be any, but these are the ones I recommend: MultiMan​ Comgenies Awesome File Manager​ 3. A brain Now, I do not want to steal work here, and since he has put so much work into this and it STILL works, here is Cash’s thread on applying these patches onto your system. xCashmoneyx7’s Tutorial RTM Method: Things you’ll need for the RTM method: 1. A client of your choice (look around the modding section of the game you want to mod, and you’ll literally find a zillion clients in there) 2. ConsoleControlAPI Virus Scan 3. A brain Now this method is slightly more complicated than the other, only because you use your PC for the modding. Steps: 1. Connect to your PS3 with the tool 2. On the tool, retrieve list and select VSH.self 3. Change your CID without “0†and set 4. Sign in 5. Start game of your choice and get to the main menu (menu with your name just before you find a game) 6. Retrieve list again 7. Select eboot.bin 8. Select “string†on size 9. Put the offset you want into the input place 10. Click poke Bam! That’s real time modding!
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  3. Hello Real Mod Scene, Today I Am selling a BO2 Modded Account. What The Account Includes: 1. Master Prestige 2. Unlock All 3. All Titles + All Emblems + All Camos 4. Legit Stats Account Info: Name: Series 800 Its Kind Of A New Profile My Contact Info: AIM: G Eazy Email: Dariusbrock90@gmail.com You Can Also Pm Me Price Of The Account: $20 Reasoning For This Price- I Came up with this price because i paid $30 For This Account Payment Method: Paypal Paypal Email: Dariusbrock80@gmail.com Other Payment Method Accepted: 1. 1 Month Xbox Live Code 2. Gift Card Of Your Choice Also Accept modded lobby Proof Of Account: **NOTE** I Am Not to be held Responsible if this account gets banned after it is sold Also Please Notify Me if There is any problems with this post
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