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  1. In the Region Settings i´ve changed the Format to English (USA) and the keyboard standartlayout to English (USA) - US. That´s it. Happy modding. EDIT: Forgot to say that you need to do the whole converting with the Settings, or else it will show up weird as before.
  2. The only thing i found is non-Unicode. I´m using Win7. Tried to set to US but didnt´t work. EDIT: Finally got it. Now it works for me.
  3. My Xuitool Looks same. Can you please tell my what i have to change and where?
  4. Thanks for the quick answer and solution. This Team really rocks.
  5. I have found something strange. Yesterday I want to play FM2, and I downloaded TU4 from Aurora Interface and activated it . Started the game and it said "Needs update" or something similar. Checked TU Version via Guide and there TU0. The one i´ve found on my PC works. I can´t upload it because its already exist. Can anyone check this? My TU4 is attached. Thanks. Forza Motorsport 2 TID 4D5307EA MID 3E3180AE Sorry for bad english. TU_16L61VA_000000C000000.rar
  6. Looks like a bug. The same happens to me too.
  7. Hello, I want to upload TU1 for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls TitleID 394F07D4 MediaID 6F97697C (This is the german language release). When I search for TitleID I cannot find the MediaID. When I search for MediaID I get no hits. Can only an admin create MediaIDs for an existing title?? Can someone explain how to upload a TU to Unity?
  8. It would be really nice if you could share your XML files. I always got the error that the class XamGuideNavButton is not registered when i try opening "HomeTabSignedIn.xui" and some other show me "Invalid Property Value". I´ve tried to solve it by my own, but no luck and Google wasn´t helpfull. Thanks in advance, Hellspawn English isn´t my native language, so sorry for my bad English.
  9. You can do it yourself. You Need XZP-Tool to extract your Skin to a Folder. Once done you need to edit 2 XML files (best done with Editor). The first file is in the root of your Skin file, called Skin.xml. search for <XBOXCLASSIC> inside the file and replace the text between the 2 <XBOXCLASSIC>. example: <XBOXCLASSIC>Indie Games<XBOXCLASSIC> The second file is called MenuSettings.xml and is located in the Settings Folder. Search for <tab id='5' parentid='0' text='Xbox Classic'> and replace 'Xbox Classic' with 'Indie Games'. example: <tab id='5' parentid='0' text='Indie Games'> Thats all. Now you have to build a new xzp file with xzptool and you are fine. Hope that helps you and sorry for my bad english.
  10. @ickna11 & evgeny_uaj Can you explain what i have to edit to remove the reflections? I tried it myself a few times and everytime i get a Crash. Sorry for bad my bad english. Thanks in advance
  11. I maybe found a bug. Clear Data doesn´t work for me. It deletes all Gamearts, but they don´t redownload. And the Games moved to hidden don´t appear in the games list after clear data. i´ve reset and restart, even a manual rescan don´t bring them back.
  12. @Flaminek You missunderstood me. Dirt 3 and Dead Island works like a charm, but on non Systemlink games like Skyrim it greyed out.
  13. Real nice what the people of F3 Team had created. It´s a lot better than the M$ crap. I went trough the update without any plugin problems and link runs fine. One thing I´m missing from rev483 is the ability to enter the link menu in any game to check at which TU I play and if TU are available Now it seems only Systemlink games can enter the linkmenu. Please bring the function back.
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