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  1. Logan_7

    Jasper RGH For Sale

    Not too sure. I just got it last week, and figured out modding wasn't for me. So I'm selling it.
  2. Logan_7

    Jasper RGH For Sale

    What am I selling: Black Jasper RGH What it includes: Jasper RGH 20GB HDD power brick and HDMI cable Some things to be aware of: Disc tray doesn't read discs(have to torrent games) Some times boots slow Price: 135$ Contact: Skype: Logan.garber7 Proof: http://gyazo.com/2e661b2ea2ea31e4417bcd760920afc8 http://gyazo.com/3de3b749cacca81331d7641a8b7ee814.png http://gyazo.com/24f2a4182543ad051d40f7013dc39c94.png My username for dieselgaming.com is the same for this website so I didn't change the paper
  3. Do you have a Skype, kik, or aim? So we can negotiate
  4. Logan_7

    Looking for elgato

    Looking to purchase an elgato. Most I will pay is 80-90. Has to be able to record Xbox 360 and ps3
  5. Logan_7

    Looking for RGH

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a jtag or RGH for 90-115. If you want to sell me your console message me. Skype: Logan.garber.7 Kik: Logan.garber7 Or message me on here
  6. I'll take it off your hands for 115
  7. Looking to make an offer. Skype: Logan.garber.7 Kik: Logan.garber7 Or private message me on here.
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