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  1. Hey can we have a version without the skype notification at launch ? I find it a bit odd to be honest, it's cool to have it at first use to know how to use the new features but every time the dash execute itself is annoying imo. anyway this 2.0 version is awesome and even greater than the 1.1 which I already found extremly enjoyable and cool, keep up the good work...
  2. Well after trying up a few other metro style dash skins that didn't fit in my requirements, I came back using yours and now LiNK works, dunno why, dunno how but well it's cool Also nice to see you're still working on this skin, keep up the good work, cant wait for 2.0
  3. Hello Doc, I'm facing an issue which I guess is related to your skin, whenever I try to quit to FSD Home a game that I've played using system link, FSD Home won't load and if I come back to using the original skin, the problem doesnt exist, note that I'm using the latest update... Any Help would be welcome, I'd really like to keep using this theme instead of the classic one
  4. Oh ok, I thought the issue was more serious, then there's nothing to say, I think this skin is perfect, I don't mind a reboot after a game ripping. But if you intend to continue your work on your skin, I have those few suggestions : Maybe adding even more personalisation like being able to chose tile colors or logos, I'm especially thinking of the xbox emulator tile, I've seen in the customisation menu that it's showed as a black tile with a simple white xbox logo on it, I like the actual xbox emulator tile with it's changing images but being able to chose this one could be cool too :] Then again thanks for this awesome skin.
  5. I just installed to take a look as I'm not fan of custom skins but I'm totally adopting this one, only problem is the DVD ripping issue (I hope some solution can be found). Thanks a lot man, this skin is pure awesome dope.
  6. oh okay well then I guess I'm not using the very latest release, thanks for your help anyway
  7. Well it's already setup this way, I think we might be mistaken by home menu I mean this : I think there's supposed to be a custom one brought with FSD introducing the LINK...etc functions right ?
  8. Fisrt of all hello I'm a Stakhanov a newbie to this forum and xbox hack I've recently installed FSD3 on my rgh console and everything is working fine except that when I press the home button it displays the classic home menu instead of the custom one brought with FSD, I've tried to re-install FSD and it didn't changed anything so well I don't really know what to do so it displays the right home menu. Any advice would be welcome
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