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  1. what is the method of payment for a cr3lite? Enviado desde mi SM-G313ML mediante Tapatalk
  2. Amigo este skin es de fertingaX360 imagino que tienes su permiso para postear su material? Por cierto es muy bueno su skin Enviado desde mi BLU STAR4.0 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Swizzy you are god Enviado desde mi BLU STAR4.0 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Ok thanks swizzy TU go into usb/000000000000/MID/000B0000/here TU location its the correct? Enviado desde mi BLU STAR4.0 mediante Tapatalk
  5. hi guys hope not bother and can help me with my problem, I updated my last dash console rgh 17349 The problem is that the log the console unity when all pass the test results and the second scan gives me access to fail unity. another mistake that I have with aurora 0.5b update is that title of the games in the cache folder will not detect me down but do not work on the external hdd FAT32 if the partition on my flash drive xbox and step ` by the NXE if it appears in the game they are good bugs that I found and I hope if they could help me fix from already thank you very much. sorry for my bad English use google translator for drafting greetings
  6. Hi guys i have the same problem with aurora with dash 17349 i try to reinstall aurora and dash again dont download TU the size the TU is 0kb but working TU in PES 15 and other games 8 games work that 140?any solution for this problems? Enviado desde mi BLU STAR4.0 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Hello community took time trying to integrate him a video to start but to no avail aurora wmv videos have created many converters and not reproduce dawn instead if the dash officer. I noticed that by adding the video xuitool insert leaves me with good frames as images if someone can guide me a little eternally be grateful greetings to all ! ps: sorry for the bad english i used google translator
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