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  1. Hi how are you! I have a problem with the covers on Aurora. I try changing the market place etc... but the problem is i have 50 games and only get covers of 6 of them. This happends since 5 days now. Before i never had problems! Can anyone told me if are having the same problem?
  2. PERFECT!!!! I try this with 2 USB Disk of my and work perfectly, this weekend i go to try in my friends USB Disks Thanks for your Work!!!
  3. Ohhh thanks!!! then it's impossible, i have to get their hard drives here and update in my xbox.
  4. i'm talking about 500Gb and 750Gb USB Hard Drives. But I have 2 friends who live really far from the city and they have not internet. then when I go home I share information from my hard disk, but I can never share with the covers and the other things that the FSD download in the Data Folder, even when i copy all of it. i go to try to explain my problem again with an example. i have not problems with the space. this is my problem. i have my 1Tb USB Disk, well i have for example 3 emulator, 20 games, and 10 XBLA. Well, i connect my xbox to my LAN, and start FSD, then automatically FSD3 starts to download the information, covers, and i don't know what more from internet. Well, like i say before i have 2 friends with her own USB Hard Drive, and they have not internet then when i go to their homes, i go with my Disk, and i share to them all my files. Then the Three USB Disks have exactly the same files. And here is the problem, if i connect my disk in their XBOX i can see al the Covers, games and configurations, Games, XBLA and emulatoros all in their respective sections. But when i connect their disks where i copy al the files of MY disk, and start the xbox with their disks i can't see anything, i have to configure the paths again, and when i configure it all the games and more appears like MISSING COVER! could understand my problem now? Thanks!!!
  5. Hi! First of all sorry for my bad english.   i have here a lot of USB Discs, well, if i load the disc and connect in a XBOX and start FSD when i config the paths the FSD start to download the information of the items that locate. Well if i copy all the Freestyle carpet and all the carpets of that USB Drive to other USB Drive, and connect in the same XBOX or other i have not any of the covers and others files that the FSD download in the first USB Drive. and i have to start over to download all the information. I'm not bother to do this but i think is more easy and we maybe can safe a little of the bandwith of the servers. Thats why i think maybe exist any way of copy all the data of one USB Drive to other obviously allways the USB Drives have all the same. Thanks!
  6. Garzol, sorry for the small offtopic, and sorry for my bad english. ..... EDIT: Sorry i think is better if i send you a PM
  7. Hi, first of all thanks for this app and sorry for my bad english. I need some help, because i make my own video, but, is impossible make it compatible with fakeanim, i use the programs Hamster Free Video Converter, AVI&WMV, and the programs convert perfectly my AVI video, but when i put it in the XBOX fakeanim doesn't show it. The fakeanim is working because i can see the other videos that come with the fakeanim. But my own WMV is impossible. Here you have my WMV the size is only 12MB. http://ul.to/m2fkktlq Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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