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  1. After all , tnks to all of u '' Avin_darkglider , Swizzy and fulltimehustler '' Good luck ^_- .
  2. Hey fellas Just wanted to say .. Finaly , I'm done with BO3 Just downloaded the compatibility pack 1 , latest title update and copy'em into my jtag , disabled Fakelive , started the game and yeah I'm enjoying playing Tnk u all 4 everything .
  3. I didn't search for so long , guess ma bad after all Anyways , truly Sorry for wasting ur time and many Tnx 4 everything u're doing for mé and for every single person Senpai Swizzy , I do really appreciate your help and ur efforts on behalf of everyone . Wish ya the whole universe luck .
  4. LibXenon Dev .. To bé honest , the moment BO3 download finished and that problem showed up , I searched on youtube , blogs and many many websites and RealModScene was one of'em and the most needed .. and the answer why I did that , is just not to waste time waiting 4 answers Sorry again 4 anything and please don't blame mé if I did anything wrong ^^ .
  5. RMS Masters .. Thanks for everything and truly sorry 4 everything . LibXenon Dev .. I did really googled it and searched that problem but couldn't find any answer or any solution , that's why I came here looking 4 answers I'm sorry if i did anything wrong .
  6. COD won't start .. It just keeps showing mé an Error !! '' Could not download required information from title storage. Please check your network connection and try again later '' Any idea guys ?!
  7. U're absolutely right..Truly Sorry . Ma bad , didn't know that these things cause such kind of problems.Gonna bé careful next time. Sorry again.
  8. Special Tnx to someone, finally I found where I can download the packs with ease. Tnx 4 everyone 4 everything Good luck .
  9. Been searching on web but couldn't find any available packs 4 download. And I can't download from xbox live cuz of my Jtag..Any suggestion !!
  10. Hey guys Somehow.. Servers started working great .. No Net problems , just everything"s coOl . Tnx 4 everything
  11. I believe ports have no role with that issue...I guess it's all about the game versions or TU problems. Anyways..Tnx 4 everything guys , best of luck .
  12. Ahh yeah..Just like I expected , But how Can I get'em on my xbox Jtag ??
  13. If you mean with Compatibility packs '' TU '' I just downloaded the latest one. If not , I would like a little explanation , Thank u .
  14. Everytime I wanna join someone this icon still appears.. just to add ( TU doesn't show up when I try to download ) .
  15. Really don't know what to do , tried everything but nothing worked. ... ! Any useful idea on how to fix that prob !? Tnx.
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