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  1. Mortal Kombat X Canceled!

    In 2010 I bought an Xbox 360 for MK9. Now - perhaps buy Xbox One for MK10. Nothing changes) In fact - as expected ..
  2. [Tutorial] Freestyle plugin translation

    Actually Unicode I was required((Too bad..
  3. [Tutorial] Freestyle plugin translation

    Do not tell me in detail how to do it?
  4. [Tutorial] Freestyle plugin translation

    Length of string don't may change via xex edit?
  5. When will the next update functionality?
  6. [Tutorial] Freestyle plugin translation

    Why XuiWorkshop don`t save edited text string?
  7. Don`t save scan paths after restart Aurora

    Yes. I install in new folder on the root of HDD. I am try completely remove, and install cleanly - not any effect.
  8. Don`t save scan paths after restart Aurora. After replay scanning content - no result.
  9. Good fast and performance dashboard replacement. But don`t save scan paths after reboot( Metro style is cool)) Please add wallpaper change, and file for localization strings.
  10. Please help. I added two tabs in main.xur in the default skin. All animations have been reworked by me, and work just fine, but I did not understand how to change these tabs action buttons. And icon\title tab I do not understand how to change. I did all this with the utility Xui Tool of XDK..
  11. Weather and FSD 3

    Please send me working API key
  12. AWESOME Skin!Now my TabletPCLaptop and Xbox 360 on one standardized style..
  13. Games aren't booting from nas server

    ConnectX on last rev. of Freestyle Dash work very unstable..Disconnecting, small speed..I advise to play with standard HDD and not bother about ConnectX plugin... Personally, I did just that
  14. Russian Federation\Ukraine

    Looking up for people from RussiaUkraine for playing Halo ReachHalo 4
  15. Weather and FSD 3

    Send worked API key me too please