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  1. Thank you for the reply's. Now everything is clear to me. I only can play the Live modus.
  2. I tried that and get the error: Service unavailable The Guitar Hero Live service is not available. Please try again later. Error code; Dolomite
  3. Hi, I have a RGH Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero Live on my Hard disk. Guitar Hero Live has 2 modes: Live and TV. Live = offline and has 42 songs TV = online and has 247 songs. I have finished the offline modus and want to play the TV modus but my Xbox said that I am not connected to Xbox Live. Is there a way to bypass this? I have dashlaunch on the Xbox 360 with Aurora. Please let me know. Kind regards, Dennis
  4. Yes everything is passed only the connection seems not so stable
  5. I think I fixed it now, on my router is see my xbox 360 IP adres and after it was a button with reserved and I applied it. Now I can connect to servers and hope it will work for me all the time
  6. Thanks for the reply, but I do not know where in my router settings i can set i static ip. I got a zyxel router.
  7. Sometimes I can join sessions in BO 2, but sometimes they wont work with Link and then they throw me the error: Unable to join game session. I use the latest version from FSD, Normal theme, wired network, latest TU. The test passes everything and yesterday everything works fine and today they wont let me in... What to do???
  8. Thx mate! and what about the folder systemupdate??
  9. Yes thats what i thought, so remove all games. What is the best programm for transfering multiple iso's to GOD??
  10. Hi all, I am totally new with FSD, Got my Trinity SLIM well RGH'ed. The guy who RGH'ed my SLIM said that I have to extract the games. I got around 70 ISO's, perfect patched with abgx360 for burning on dvds. Now i want all these ISO's onto my internal HDD. I extracted all the 70 ISO's with Xbox Image Browser and removed the Systemupdate folder. Transfered all the extracted files to my internal HDD and many games wont work (got error: Fatal Crash Intercepted) What is the best way to extract ISO files? I heard about NXE2GO??? Can anyone help me to play all these ISO's on my RGH perfect? I got the latest Dashlaunch and the latest Free Style Dashboard Hope anyone can help me. Thanks in advance
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