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  1. I have an original xbox 360 (fat) and its not recognising any lan cable anymore. Maybe the ethernet port is damaged or something. Im not able to get my hands on wireless network adapter for xbox 360. But i have a xbox 360 slim internal wifi module. So i was just wondering if there is a way to mod it n use it as network adapter for my old fat model. If anyone has ever done such a mod or have seen it, can you please guide me?
  2. Need help I have a Rgh xbox 360 fat banned console using Aurora 0.5b with dashlaunch. I tried to setup connectx n almost succeeded in it. I can find the shared folder in the file manager of aurora but as soon as i click on the default.Xex, the game starts up n freezes. Also i have noticed tht my xbox 360 is seen connected on the network places on my pc which runs on windows 10 But as soon as a game boots up or if i go to dash launch or xexmenu, it disappears from network places shown in my pc. Even when i load a game from the share folder using connectx... The same thing happens when the game boots up. My xbox 360 is then not shown in network places & the game gets stuck My connection type is an ethernet cable connecting my xbox to wireless router N My pc is connected to the router with wifi. I dont know whats wrong?? Kindly help me.
  3. Not able to run Cheat Manager!!!! It keeps on giving me some error regarding (System.Data.SQLite) Need help please
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