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  1. whenever i open system link i have to refresh 2 or 3 times to get rooms show up
  2. i had this problem too had to refresh like 3-4 time to get the cover
  3. i just dont wanna f*** something up loll
  4. can u guys give me the link of felidas video
  5. yea it was hjsplit all u need to is select the first file and it will combine all of the files into one thanks again and sorry for my bad english
  6. omg thanks u guys are the mvps lol
  7. Shaarmin Malik

    fallout 3

    i heard that fallout 4 is coming so i downloaded fallout 3 but the iso is in parts is there anyway i can convert them into 1 btw its not rar files
  8. lol i m dumb anyway thanks i verify systemlink setting on fsd ports setting fails but still works i did the same with aurora wont work i copied setting from fsd wont work system link is gray when i start games from aurora i need to fix this before novs releases
  9. ok i will try aurora 0.5b and i got a problem with black ops 2 every time i join a game fatal crash intercepted any fix for this i m using fsd3 started happenin somedays ago other games are working fine with system link do i really have to do port forward setting in aurora bcuz i didnt do that in fsd3 thats why i like it more lol thanks guys for the replys
  10. pls dont take away systemlink from fsd3 i tryd to setup link on aurora but i couldnt do it its complicated for me :/
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