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  1. sorry i cant find the launch.ini on your first link, ive try every option but no good --- Edit : never mind i got it..
  2. im working right now, as soon as i get home ill post the error code. ill try the launch.ini thank you.
  3. the problem is, that its telling me that system link needs an update, and im not able to get it working. i can download TU, covers everything works. except for that.
  4. thank you so much, ive been having that problem since FS i never could get that working,,. not sure why if all the test connections, passed... ima give it a try.
  5. hi, so i just redownload aurora from the official website, and replace the fsd plug in on the plg in folder?
  6. hi, im new here and to all the rgh xbox thingy. i have lates version of aurora and i cant get in to unity, i have pass all the connections. i have downloaded all the TU for the game, but when i try to see the rooms, i only get, link up need update error xxxxxxx (cant remember the error) how can i update the plug in so i can get in to the games... thank you.
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