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  1. Model? Price? Type of RGH and Dual nand mod?
  2. Also the ABCD buttons work and "ok" and "back" are mapped to "system" and "settings". Very nice features. Thank againg for the work of all devs. May I suggest a list of useless features to add in the future? Like: support for xbox live vision camera (are there homebrews that use it?) support for hd-dvd reader for install or play xbox 360 games on phisical disc 🙂
  3. Great release. I noticed that now the remote controller (the one for dvds) works on Aurora interface. On the previous releases wasn't working. When was added this functionality?
  4. According to this statement from Seagate blog their series of gaming hard drive for Xbox (a normal USB disk with an Xbox logo on it) are compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox one and come in 2 and 4 tb size so, there should be an easy way to make a 4tb hdd work as an external drive with an Xbox 360. "With up to 4TB of storage gamers can free up space on the console’s internal drive while consolidating 100+ Xbox One games.** Game Drive for Xbox is compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and plugs directly into any USB port on the console."
  5. The xbox 360 scene is small... and it's becaming smaller :-( The bad news is that the developer of GODspeed, an FTP client for JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 consoles (more useful than a regular FTP client because the folder inside Xbox HDD and Memory units are displayed with real names and thumbnails instead of criptic numbers) is leaving the project. The good news is that, as a final gift to the community, he releases a new version (1.2) and the source code on github: https://github.com/mercenaryntx/godspeed Those are his words, from the Godspeed facebook page: "Hello guys! After years of inactivity - and false promises - I officially let this project go. I should've done this ages ago, but now I finally uploaded its last source code to GitHub to let anybody pick it up and continue. If you check the version history in the description, you can see what changes I made since v1.1. You can find the latest binaries there as well, not sure how stable they are, though. If you have some questions regarding the code, feel free to contact me, I'll try to help." Thanks to Mercenaryntx for this useful tool.
  6. Thanks to Swizzy the game Hitman Sniper Challenge was added. Now it just needs a cover :-) Name: Hitman: Absolution - Sniper Challenge Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 53518813 Media ID: 0DF46C1D
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