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  1. There isn't one available for the games I'm running them on. Is there no way to change the keys that take a screenshot anymore?
  2. Can't seem to find the option anymore to change the screenshot keys or disable it. Running into issues with trainers
  3. Yeah I have. Works pretty well..no biggie though as I ran wire harness through hdd port so I can just plug in my nandx
  4. Yeah, after rebuilding my nand and a fresh flash all is working well now. I'm not going to flash through xell anymore. This is the third time I've had a weird nand issue after using xell to update. Never a single issue when flashing with hardware tools.
  5. Very strange. I Started from scratch (formatted the drive and reflashed nand) problem went away
  6. Yeah it formats fine with the Xbox aswell. Tried that instead of fat32. Works great on the console but still can't access on my pc. I'm going to reflash my nand and try yet another drive, see what happens
  7. It is an external, and I formatted it multiple times in windows. The drive works perfect and has no errors. It's very strange indeed. Works fine in the Xbox, works fine on pc. Just after using it on xbox and hooking it back up to pc i can't access it unless I format it
  8. It's just a straight fat32 drive. My games are extracted. It's an rgh console. Drive works fine but if I hook it back up to the pc to add more games to it, it shows that it's not formatted anymore. They might have made this latest update like the Xbox one. The one does same thing so you can't tamper with game files
  9. Having an issue that i haven't seen before.. I haven't used a 360 since a few updates ago and decided to pick one of for cheap. Since this latest update if i format an external to fat32 on pc and drop my games on it, it works fine on the 360. The issue im having is when i unplug it from the xbox and plug back into pc its recognized but as unallocated space. The ony way to get it to come back up on pc is to reformat it. But it still works fine in the 360. Its almost as the console does something to the drive so it cant be reconized by pc anymore so you cant tamper with it. ive tried 3 different drives and 2 thumb drives..it does it with all of them.
  10. Idk whats going on but everything used to be fine. I just modded a brand new console. I installed the latest fsd3 and the latest dashlaunch. In dashlaunch I set the default as fsd3 . Now everything works fine umtil I turn the console off. Right after I set the paths to fsd3 then it always boots to it, once I shut the console off and power back on I go straight to nxe everytime
  11. In my game paths i have HDD:Games content00000000000000 thats it
  12. But then my games in the content folder wont show up. If i have dlc or xbla games they wont be in the game list
  13. I have been trying to figure this out and have had no luck. I have all my games on my internal 250gig hd . When i go into the game list in fsd . Every game is listed twice. I have even completely removed fsd and reinstalled but all of my games are listed twice..Any suggestions?
  14. jligg

    Backups to fsd

    Both originals are scratched and get a connot read disc error before they complete.
  15. jligg

    Backups to fsd

    Yeah but you cant do it if your drive is not flashed aswell..The console sees it as a dvd not a game..I have a rgh console..DVD Drive is original fw
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