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  1. As soon as I get default.xex to my computer send it to u Swizzy be about hour or so.
  2. Ok got ya I will send that to u guys today.
  3. Ok I did it manual as 2ell still same thing. Send it soon as I get a chance
  4. Every cover I pic for this game is like this.
  5. I had the same problem when I first got my jtag I was using a hard drive and a USB. It didn't quit till I started using my hdd only.
  6. We're is ur Aurora installed? I'm not a tester none that. But try this if it's installed on ur hard drive. Try intalling it or putting it on the USB. See what it does. It maybe cause it's on the hard drive is why it want change. Or ur thumb drive could be curupt.
  7. Lol I bet it comes out when it does [emoji12]
  8. Not a tester but I'm betting in some way it is in some shape or fashion sense u started it first and go threw all that.
  9. Why do u do all that for why not just load Aurora from the get go. And get rid of FS3.
  10. We're do u have Aurora installed cause all ur TUS should go to Aurora installed. I'm not around mine right now but I'm try help u out when I get home.
  11. U should have used a windows computer that's probably the problem. Some place on this some one asked same thing and they were told to FAT32. And I don't have a mac so I'm assuming it's only for Windows. That is your best bet or change all ur games to GOD files. This what he said to the other guy. Second; where do you try to use it? USB? it's also quite possible that your MAC messed up the formatting, you need to have it as MBR, it cannot be GPT (which OSX likes to use) Get yourself a windows PC and format it there to FAT32, then you can use it with FSD and XEXMenu as long as you put the games on the FAT32 partition and nowhere else...
  12. I'm going threw Darkseid now and I can change everything but the word collar. And I think I know what to look for now thow. Thanx for the help.
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