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  1. Whether Russian translation in Aurora 0.5 b? If not then I can translate and post here the XML file?
  2. Cry-J

    GTA 5

    GTA 5 Download set TU 23 requires to enter the network profile. This problem TU version? Or is it my problem?
  3. The serial number is on the back of your console, make sure you have typed it correctly.
  4. Xbox 360 iso extract 0.6, xbox image browser, Iso2god do not unpack
  5. Create this folder 454109DB to aurora/Trainers and put here your trainer Visit xyzmods there all installation instructions
  6. Downloaded The Elder Scrolls III.Morrowind is in the image "mds". How can unpack that he should play on rgh / JTAG?
  7. 1 1. Open the conductor Aurora \ Trainers (if not create a folder) 2. Downloading your desired trainer, and throw back to the folder 3. Select the game click the "Details" tab there looking for Trainer it will appear there. 4. The coach may not work. To download the desired worked TU needed Trainer 2 Each emulator is set differently, what you want to install?
  8. Okay, thank you both for taking the time to help
  9. Looked at another game, go into the room, but do not see the server in the game. As searched the internet, some people say that mobile internet may not play. And I have a mobile internet, it may affect?
  10. Hello everyone! I configured Sustem LiNK 2. redirect ports 3. Passed test And the problem is ... Update the game to the finals (all the DLC and the final TU) I see the room and the players in them. But! The game can not see servers. Worth Aurora 0.4 b, Last DashLaunch + tuned ... What could be the problem? Sorry for mistakes...
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