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  1. ill have to try 2morrow mate, im going to bed. Thanks for all the help people...
  2. dont know if this is anything. when powering up by controller the controller lights flash untill the second FS3 loads
  3. i press in the button on the controller only untill the power led lights up
  4. no, its got XEXMENU in that folder C0DE99990F586558
  5. installed dashlaunch and set paths and still no luck
  6. it wont let me overwrite the ini in xexmenu and my ftp program doesnt see the flash folder
  7. i dont know why ive got fakeanim on my launch.ini i dont have a custom boot video.
  8. the launch.ini was from my Flash folder. and dashlaunch is installed
  9. Got FreeStyle 3 installed but im trying to boot into NXE and XEXMENU by using RIGHT BUMPER and the X button but no luck, any help.. My launch.ini [Paths]Fakeanim = hdd:fakeanimfakeanim.xexBUT_X = Hdd:Content0000000000000000C0DE999900080000C0DE99990F586558Default = Hdd1:FreeStyledefault.xex[Plugins][settings]nooobe = Falsenohealth = Falsenonetstore = Falsefakelive = Falsexhttp = Falseremotenxe = Trueliveblock = Trueexchandler = Falsenoupdater = Falsenosysexit = Falsexblaexitdash = Truedvdexitdash = Trueregionspoof = Truecontpatch = Truepingpatch = Truenxemini = True
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