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  1. Found that the partition in Imgburn wasn't set right. It's working now. Silly me.
  2. I downloaded the files/ISO from a reputable source and am using Verbatim DVDS-RW. I've been using the site and discs for many games and have not had any issues or problems previously. It just seems to be with this game. Torrent file shows people downloading it and using it successfully so maybe I need to try it again
  3. So have my phat 360 modded and running the latest dashboard. When I start the game up it starts the install of the needed files but then stops about half way through. Is there a work around to this outside of RGH/JTAG mods? Something to help load the files on a Ian or something and get the game working?
  4. Got the new board in yesterday. Installed it, plugged up the drive to the computer and no luck, Ah but wait, I had to switch the port I was using on the SATA card and voila it worked. Back up and running. Great advice Swizzy. No I just have to update the dashboard via USB and game on. Thanks again
  5. Good idea. Maybe I'll give that a try before replacing the whole drive. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I've tried all the dos application (dosflash, mtkflash, iprep, l-o-eras, etc) and nothing seems to connect to it. I follow the instructions for each a and nothing seems to communicate to the drive. When I start my pc it recognizes a bad bios and says press g to continue so I know it's connecting. It's just that the other dos applications are connecting.
  7. Hi guys. Tried updating the flash on my Samsung drive and everything was going well until the power shutoff during the write phase. I know I know, should have use a kit, but I actaully forgot to keep the av cables connected and that's why it shutoff. So anyways, now I can't access the drive at all. I've search hi and low on the Internet and found dosflash, iprep, mtkflash, and other ways to try and recover the dvd drive. I have the key for the drive, I just can't get it to recognize or respond. Every time I connect to windows it just freezes up until I disconnect the sata again. All the guides I see and tutorials for badflash are from several years ago. Is there anything new that I can use or do to recover the drive and write the flash for the MS25 drive to 2.01? Thanks
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