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  1. And how do you access to webUI? i type my xbox ip and does not show anything
  2. What is Net ISO in the new plugin?
  3. lately, i´ve been messing around modding my profile with horizon and after modding gears of war 3 my console is acting weird, it freezes often when i enter or exit a game and never loads many games such as GTA V, Forza horizon 2, everyAssassins creed... And when i load Xell it shows up a red screen at the end. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  4. great job guys is awesome the work you're doing i need some help, i don´t know how to configure connectX since it´s not working for me, i have windows 8.1 (i´m starting to think that´s the problem)
  5. As i dont have much space in my HDD i still play some games on discs but i can't find a way to get TU for those games, which would be a really good feature for Aurora, as well as the option to copy games from a disc to the HDD
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