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  1. Also has my cover layout in this video in the same download link.
  2. Cheers man. After seeing this comment I decided to release my other killer instinct skin. As I wasn't happy with this one & my halo skin. Enjoy the new KI skin I've posted it up & a link
  3. Hay guys I decided to release my other Killer Instinct Skin. Link below Hope you guys enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dSoLD7w_PTu75UnEk0j6kUP-fO0dWRHO/view?usp=drivesdk 20210114_190417.mp4
  4. It's pretty much a gif. Broken down into alot of jpg images.
  5. Getting there. Still not finished. Been on & off with the skin. But I'm trying to make it my own 20200708_122450.mp4
  6. Hay ianboy1987. I heard someone maybe looking into that xbmc360 you put up on YouTube. Do you know any info on the guy looking into it or if they have finished doing what ever they were doing?
  7. Good stuff. Awesome to see skins for Aurora in 2020
  8. The main screen runs fine with what I'm after. I realized that what I have done is abit much just for the loading screen so I reverted back to just a background to it. 20200428_173602.mp4
  9. I'm really unsure of the limits of what I can throw at Aurora. I'm just guessing its ram. But it's a guess.lol as I'm learning this as I go. I'm no skin or 360 coder expert in this field. I'm just trying to make the best Aurora skin I can & to be different or to give someone else ideas for there skin. So this skin thing can keep going. As I have feed of other people's awesome skin.xzp ideas & actually put them into my skin builds. Cheers to felida for the quick breakdown tuts. As I would of been fucked & to all the other gal/guys ideas they put into there skins as it gives me ideas or a build starting point.
  10. Hay guys what is the limitations of image transitions you can apply to an Aurora.xzp as I'm toying around with an entirely new KI.xzp skin update v2 build I'm trying to achieve. But Aurora cant handle it. Is there any way around this or is it because of my images.png eating at the ram what cause this to shut down. As I'm trying to do something different in a skin. As I have no changes to the other .xui files. As I'm doing the .xui files one by one & testing them to ensure there ok to jump to the next .xui file as I dont want to just quickly do everything in one hit. Just to find out it's doing this & crashes. 20200427_192135.mp4
  11. New v2 version. I've just changed the download links over. I changed a few things to it. As I wasn't happy with a few things on it. But it's still the same backgrounds etc.
  12. Since I was jamming KI on my XB1X. I decided to do a KI Skin Has music KI gold theme on loading screen. So if you have alot of stuff loading just chill out. Listen to some KI gold. KI gold intro theme. Main background + Avatar https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZcVqIQ25YTs4ws1jTV5Ym_zjpM-xZm8x/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. Not my skin I just updated it to work with 0.7b1. Original Author still the same I have added the Avatar & some lil effects to the main background nothing major. It's was & now is the same skin favourite of mine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nGgY-RpfcE8-0lVtzWg5Flh4E2dbXzKw/view?usp=drivesdk
  14. Cover layout link is back up in the first post.
  15. Please feel free to use this skin & cover layouts & upload them to where ever you want. As the link to my Google drive wont be there to long. Once you have downloaded. You can do what ever you want & upload these to your own sever etc I'm not worried if you change the names of these cover flows or skin as I only wanted to do this for fun. Like I stated. Enjoy & the link wont be here that long. It ain't you. it's just I dont like keeping things on my Google drive.
  16. My halo skin. If any one wants it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ct8emmWjkk4qrVNSgBEgSBhCzHoRX2K/view?usp=drivesdk
  17. You need to add the Aurora.Extension xml to Xuitool. The Extension you can get from the Phoenix.xboxunity.net site where you download the Aurora 0.7b1 file from. Just scroll down. Until you see the download link.
  18. I will add the files tomorrow. As I got to pull the files from my jtag & put them on my pc to upload them again. Cheers
  19. It's not that rubensyama. I follow you on YouTube & leave a like. As you do some awesome jtag/rgh Aurora or FSD videos. I may not understand your language. But you bring up some interesting stuff I may not of knowing of about Aurora or FSD. The thing is I like to have space on my Google drive for my movies as I travel alot & use my phone to pull movies from my Google drive. So I delete stuff That's not needed. So these things I'm doing for my jtag/rgh systems I only share them for a week or so before I delete it. If someone has it. They can upload it & do what they please with it. I'm only doing this for fun
  20. I've uploaded my halo skin for Aurora here. I will end up deleting it in two weeks or so. Like you said I've shared files to the community but no comments. But everybody wants it. But dont want give a thanks. So why should I keep it going. If I could add it to the coverflow scripts & skins that would be awsome.
  21. The thing is I only keep stuff on my Google drive for a week or so. If you already have it. Please feel free to upload it & do what you please with it. I really only share stuff out on our ogxbox & 360 collection, modding group on fb or discord for abit before I delete it. So I can put other stuff on my Google drive.
  22. Link here guys https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ct8emmWjkk4qrVNSgBEgSBhCzHoRX2K/view?usp=drivesdk
  23. Here is my first Halo skin for Aurora 0.7b1. Inspired from the KODI.xzp skin made by Iggor Ferreira I think it is. Sorry if my spelling of your name is wrong. But your kodi build I've always liked. Admins remove this skin if not acceptable. There was one thing i should of changed as you will notice when the main screen boots up. It may annoy you it may not.haha I have changed a few things but not much but I added alot of backgrounds & tinkered a bit with some anim to the loading & main screen. So put on some shades. You may get blinded by the colors.lol hope you guys enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ct8emmWjkk4qrVNSgBEgSBhCzHoRX2K/view?usp=drivesdk 20200414_152311.mp4
  24. Never mind bro. I figured it out. I wasn't to sure which one to delete as it's all transparent in xuitool. It was the overlay panel I wanted to loose.
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