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  1. Yeah since then I have flashed back my original nand back to my falcon v2 rgh2 & left it still on 17489 My Corona v2 or v3 rgh2. is still on 17489. But I left the 17489dev nand & 17489 stock rgh nand still on hdd1/Applications/Simple 360 Nand Flasher = so I can flash the Stock or Dev nands to it at any given time. For shits in giggles. As I have a few more jtags/rgh systems I actually use.
  2. Cheers. I can confirm RGL.17489 works on my Corona GLITCH2 v2 or v3 I think it is 100% just dont add the rgloader 17526 that's floating around as the screen will freeze on power up on Coronas unsure on versions as I dont have all Coronas to test. I decided for shits & giggles to flash rgloader 17489 to my fat falcon v2. Dev operates fine. Booting stock dash it just freezes. Xexmenu boots up fine with Aurora then sometimes it freezes or it works perfect. But yeah RGLoader 17489 is not for Falcons.🤣.
  3. What felida has stated. A new fresh install of Aurora 7b1 delete your old Aurora folder. Try clearing your hdd cach, MU, USB, external hdd ect in your settings. If you have dashlaunch installed to boot into Aurora. Delete your .ini file restart it again. I havent had any problems with Aurora as of yet. But I'm learning that Aurora can do more stuff than I knew.
  4. Yeah I know that there is multiple cover options for majority of everything ect which is great. some covers dont match some of my titles but Aurora Asset Editor was a great help to push over the missing covers Aurora/Fsd couldn't match to some of my titles. I just wanted to add my own covers in I make to the emu's, Apps, Homebrew & to some of the missing covers to the xblig titles unity dont have unless I'm not typing the title in correctly as I was trying to find a cover for cave story but I could not find anything on unity or xbox.com. Much appreciated & cheers again for the info.
  5. Felida much appreciated bro. I never knew you could add filters in ect for specific content. Makes looking through a few TB of content easier. Thank you again 20200119_014250.mp4
  6. Cheers bro. I'm just looking at it now. I didn't know you could add these in. thank you. One more question how do I add my own covers I made to the emulators, apps, homebrew as some cover art are not on unity & some are & I dont like the look of some of the homebrew covers made for the emus, apps ect. Cheers in Advance
  7. There is. Cheers for answering my question. I've been a bit busy. can you explain how I can do this. So when i want Just XBLIGs to show on there own without the xblig titles being mixed in with the xbla titles & so fourth. I can set these up on there own.
  8. Hay guys & to Aurora team.... Is it possible you guys can add an option in your quick selection settings for XBLIG aka Indie Title games, Emulators, Applications, Ogxbox games in there own specific folders so the specific titles will only show. Instead of mixed in with each other. I know... 1) Homebrew: Applications, Emulators, homebrew all go straight into this category 2)XBLA: Xbla & Xblig 3) Xb360 & Ogxbox I'm sort of OCD.lol but if not possible to put the specific titles in there own category folders. Just by pass this message if not possible & cheers to the Aurora team & realmodscenes for all the Aurora 7b1 content goodness & hard work.
  9. Hay guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Is it possible to add 6717 update files to Xbuild gui & how. As I've picked up a jasper model that's on 6717 & I know 7173 file update on xbuild is the closest it will build your nand to. As I want to keep my jasper on 6717 update once I jtag it for nostalgia purposes as 7173 is preNXE & not the first dashblade ect. Thanks guys. Plus do you guys know if the 360 files on degiex.net are the actual original Microsoft update 360 files. As that's were I've got the 6717 update file from & there's a few other old 360 update files there as well.
  10. Some 360 porn.... only 10 in the world made & was a giveaway. & I'm stoked I own one.
  11. I'm also willing to pay for the 360 development kit. But it has to be an original dev kit. & pay shipping cost if your willing to package properly & ship to New Zealand at my exspense's..... & if your comfortable with going through pay pal..
  12. I was thinking of doing this but my 360 dev shaat is self. I may be able to do this with my laptop. & the right tools as I would love to have this as a dash blade cover art.
  13. I also have a shit load of unmodded Jasper consoles if anyone is interested in these. They are way passed the 7371 update so RGH is the only way & a few slim trinity & corona consoles. & alot of RROD'd consoles that are on the original dash blade 1888 version. Xenon, Opus, Zypher, Falcon consoles
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