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  1. Hay guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Is it possible to add 6717 update files to Xbuild gui & how. As I've picked up a jasper model that's on 6717 & I know 7173 file update on xbuild is the closest it will build your nand to. As I want to keep my jasper on 6717 update once I jtag it for nostalgia purposes as 7173 is preNXE & not the first dashblade ect. Thanks guys. Plus do you guys know if the 360 files on degiex.net are the actual original Microsoft update 360 files. As that's were I've got the 6717 update file from & there's a few other old 360 update files there as well.
  2. Some 360 porn.... only 10 in the world made & was a giveaway. & I'm stoked I own one.
  3. I'm also willing to pay for the 360 development kit. But it has to be an original dev kit. & pay shipping cost if your willing to package properly & ship to New Zealand at my exspense's..... & if your comfortable with going through pay pal..
  4. I was thinking of doing this but my 360 dev shaat is self. I may be able to do this with my laptop. & the right tools as I would love to have this as a dash blade cover art.
  5. I also have a shit load of unmodded Jasper consoles if anyone is interested in these. They are way passed the 7371 update so RGH is the only way & a few slim trinity & corona consoles. & alot of RROD'd consoles that are on the original dash blade 1888 version. Xenon, Opus, Zypher, Falcon consoles
  6. I will take more photos of box, inserts etc. If any interest
  7. I am after a 360 development kit. As my xenon dev has finally shaat it's self. & I know I can build one doing the jtag/rgh method but prefer the a real DEV for my collection. If anyone has any interest in swapping for one of these pm me here thanks... I've tried ebay but no one wants to ship to me at my expenses. ..Halo 4 boxed console, (TRINITY) (1)500gb internal, (clear blue case), (2)Talismoon whisper fan (red l.e.ds) l.e.ds can be swapped with any colour l.e.d. you want. (3) x2 halo 4 controllers (4) power brick, Av Cords. (5) cool runner rev c mod chip. (6) matrix trident mod chip. (7) halo 4 game (8) ive owned this console since it first dropped in my country & it still has the original Keyvault & I've used this online with the same keyvault for around 6 years without being banned in stock mode with the matrix trident chip..... Box ain't in the greatest shape. But everything else is in perfect working order. Thumb grips are in perfect condition ...halo 3 boxed console, (JASPER) (1) original jtag hacked Jasper. I've swapped this out as this had a Zypher mobo in it & it RROD'd on me. I've owned this since console first got released in my country. (2) original halo 3 controller, (3) Halo 3 game (4) power brick, Av cords. (5) original 20gb halo 3 internal hdd (6) halo 3 mic piece. (7) box & inserts (6) play & charge cord (8) i will throw in a halo 3 odst controller in mint condition.... Box ain't in the greatest shape. Everything else is in perfect working order. Thumb grips are in perfect condition. (Console banned) ... XCM fat crystal case (jasper) (1) original jtag hack. (2) 320gb clear xcm internal case (3) xcm core cooler v2 fans (blue l.e.ds) one fan stopped spinning (3) clear talismoon whisper fan (blue l.e.ds) (4) clear wind tunnel. (5) xcm dvd cover (6) l.e.d storm kit with remote. (7) xcm clear wireless controller with rapid fire & l.e.ds. (8) falcon power brick, 1.2m purple hdmi cord. (9) this console has defects. Like scratches, a small crack where one of the screws hold top case together & clear faceplate don't hold together properly as my kids pull it apart. Bottom usb door missing. (Console banned) I have other consoles for swap like x2 xkey360 fat or slim, wasabi 360 ultra slim. I live in New Zealand just take this into consideration thanks if you thinking I live near you.
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