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  1. I really should click his link before saying something like it'd have to emulate the opposing consoles stuff which allows the programs to run. If it did work it'd run slow as hell I'd think since it's running two types of instruction sets and highly doubtful unless working from a devkit that had sufficient memory to support such an action.
  2. Well said. I'm a member on another forum and I think I have like maybe 82 posts on it or something and there's nothing different other than your sub avatar changes to look a little bit cooler.
  3. I personally like using Titan and its all-in-one screen view with my filters set as a widget which makes Genesis // Trakt library integration a whole lot more elegant. http://bestforkodi.com/enhanced-all-in-one-home-screen-titan-skin/
  4. I stand corrected. Never knew it was made for PS1.
  5. The original playstation only had 2 controller ports so as far as mapping two new controller into the game I doubt thats going to happen.
  6. This thread just reminded me that I still need to find a slim final devkit psu...... I need to get off my ass and do that bios switch mod on that xdk beta kit that I've been working on too..... =P
  7. I'm guessing you have a slim. Clean the sensor with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. the only other reason it could be happening to my knowledge is that the sensor ribbon is slightly unplugged on the RF board and you'd have to take the case apart, remove the front cover and re-attached the cable in fully and evenly.
  8. There are quite a few TuTs on doing multidisc install. Here http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-install-gta-v-on-jtag.984199/
  9. Hey thanks a LOT Swizzy!!! Dude you rock bro!!
  10. The best I can do for you is 2.0.8 I never did find a copy of 2.0.9 and the main release page for it is no longer hosting the link which would lead me to believe that they pulled it. Anyways, here's a link that will give you four different sources for 2.0.8 http://down.emucr.com/v3/4648226275721216 Actually, here it is. pcsxr_360_2.0.8.zip
  11. So this is for linux audio streaming locally? Interesting....
  12. lol kinda jumping the gun a bit unless he winds up totally successful and converts it to XDK. That would be even cooler! EDIT you know, if he's successful at this project of his and does do a XDK conversion, a whole lot of video and audio codec support will become available for everyone.
  13. @ Swizzy, that GIF support would come in handy now! Dude Skyhi, YOU ROCK BRO!!! If a Kodi Isengard (Or even Helix) build could be ported over that would be so freaking awesome!!!
  14. If I had a mac, I'd just install parallels and run an XP vm in order to use any tools not made for OSX... Good job by the way, it's nice to see compatibility opening up for other users.
  15. I just figured it would be simpler to do from the end user level. Nice that people can do it with the with the XuiTool though.
  16. This would be pretty cool and would expand the capabilities of skinners I think. Should'nt consume too many resources.
  17. Did you do the glitch and jRunner flash? Can't the temp settings be set from setting them on NAND itself in jrunner? Not sure if dashlaunch can override them or not but if you didn't do the glitch yourself and someone else did might that be whats going on? Yes heat damage can do it to.
  18. Ohhh that... Usually what I do for that is press start, xbox marketplace, select what assets you want, set the ammount of screenshots you want and thenpress the download missing assets button.
  19. You can select specific covers for titles via http://xboxunity.net Log in with your unity details and look up the title in question. you can then push the cover to your xbox via your unity account, or download it to disk. There is another method involving a cover editor but I don't know much about it other than it exists.
  20. Use FATXplorer and copy it manually via folder or add it as you would in Horizon.
  21. Here's the quick fix to just rule out anything you may or may have not done. Lets see if you have a background image set first and that it's dimensions are not any higher than 1920X1080 resolution. From aurora main screen press the B button and scroll down to Theme and see if you have a default background set. If default background isn't set and your screen is black then most likely the image file you are trying to use is either too high a resolution or it is corrupted. If you are trying to use just a default background and it is black then most likely it is corrupted and you'll have to replace it from one from a new download The file in question that you would want to replace is I believe Aurora.Assets.Background.png in the \Xbox360\System\Aurora\Media\Assets folder. It may be the skin which is loaded in \Xbox360\System\Aurora\Skins folder and is file Default.xzp ok... Now for the screen shot issue. Go back to the main AUrora menu and press start scroll down to plugin and check the "Screen Capture Combo to see if it is enabled and that the "activator" and "Trigger" buttons have been mapped to what you want them set to in order to take an on-the-fly screenshot. I'm assuming your main problem here is that you were having problems getting your screen captures to set as an Aurora background correct? OKAY THEN Custom backgrounds it is: Go to \Xbox360\System\Aurora folder and create a new folder named Backgrounds Cut/paste your screenshots from \Xbox360\System\Aurora\Media\Assets or FTP your custom backgrounds into that folder. Bear in mind, 1920x1080 resolution and I'm not sure if the file extension really matters, I use jpg,jpeg, and png. gif may or may not be supported, try and find out. When you've transfered what you wanted into that folder, go back to the main Aurora menu, press B, scroll to themes, and change background to what you want. If they don't display on the menu, hit X to refresh. If that didn't fix your problem then keep reading... Before I help you, I need to know. Did you do this RGH install yourself (Is it an RGH or JTAG?) and are you using fakeanim? Also, do you have all your files backed up in case of a failure? If not then you need to back your data up first (AUrora, dashlaunch, games database, etc, not games they'll be fine,) then, make a new folder for your replacement Aurora folder and place the new files there, afterwards you will want to go into dashlaunch, change your default Aurora path that Aurora uses for default.xex and direct it to the default.xex in the new Aurora folder. Save your dashlaunch config and exit. It should then instead load your new Aurora install, which you can then delete your old one, or if you so choose to move your games database (Located in: \Xbox360\System\Aurora\Data\Databases\content.db) to the new folder (providing that this isn't what is causing your problem) or you will have to reconfigure aurora with your file paths and rescan your system. You may also want to backup your \Xbox360\System\Aurora\Data\Databases\settings.db file also. This is just an overview to give you what options that would be available providing someone else here won't or can't help you troubleshoot your current Aurora install to restore the features that you're inquiring about.
  22. Well, until I get a programmer and ribbon cable for the chip I'm dead in the water from that angle. I'll scan the board some more and look for damaged parts. I did pull the Time clock capacitor off though which shouldnt be an issue. I'll take a closer look at the caps on the board and make sure none are bloated/dry/blown.
  23. Now that I've gotten some stuff taken care of (SR5T Short Air RAM intake, PTC nipple, vacuum lines replaced, and seafoam treatment to my Volvo 850R) as well as a 5 server VM install for a buddy (Solaris, WIndows Server 2012, FreeBSD, RHEL 7, CentOS) I can now get back to this project. I'll begin mapping out the pin header adapter in about 30 minutes or so from now. Just want to get a cup of tea and give my buddy a call so he can pick up his rig and get paid. ***EDIT*** No dice on the modchip by itself, I'm going to try grounding D0 as Swizzy suggested. ***2ND EDIT*** I grounded D0 on the bottom of the board and still nothing so it's not the BIOS apparantly..... So I guess now I go on to the TSOP mod or is there anything I may have overlooked?
  24. lol thats the other half of the hardware that I need for this chip, I'll just have to check modchipcentral to see if they still carry it. =\ Hey, if I can still locate XenoGC chips, I shouldn't have a problem finding this stuff. Also, If I'm using BIOS from modchip won't I have to use a custom one built for 128MB systems?
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