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  1. if the drive is the same size, I would start up any linux distribution, and as root try something like dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=2048 and see if that works. where sda is the drive you want to copy and sdb is the drive to copy to.

    That a great approach. I'll give it a shot when I sit down to do it.

    Got the suspension installed, still need to replace my sway bar end links and either re-thread or replace my front drivers side wheel hub. Just  need to clean up and reorganize so I can get to my stuff again.

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  2. Correct for the most part, Corona and Jasper consoles aren't good for it due to the fact that you have the memory unit on the same IC/device as the system is running from, meaning any write errors MAY damage your console to the point where it's only fixable by hardware

    Wow that really sucks! I didn't know that with the jaspers and I thought that the corona's still have the solder points for the memory hack but yeah, any write errors would be really problematic, so you'd have to use shielded leads correct? But that would only reduce the risk.


    If anything I'd think that the bad thing with doing this with a phat would be that the MU bus is probably slower on a phat than a slim.

  3. Do a usb memory mod and solder directly into where the slim MU plugs into if its a slim. the phats can be done the same way where memory cards go.


    I'd think the only thing holding anyone back from putting it on memory would be memory capacity and if you can find a usb stick that was made with faster modules then my general theory would be that program execution speed would increase.

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  4. XB360 should be doable for sure, PS3 is not... PS3 is encrypted per-console and cannot be read at all by a PC afaik (if memory serves me right the PS3 hdd is fully encrypted, including the mbr)

    Good to know on the 360, sucks for the ps3 but it makes sense... At least keeping archival volumes for the 360 is doable. I'm about to just build a basic drive and make an image of it so in the future when people ask me to do mods I can just ghost the image to the drive and it should be good to go. Just need to configure the  unity login after that. 

    Much much faster way for sure!

  5. Should be doable, if the drive is the same size, as I dont know if you can change the partition tables sizes. There is also the SS to worry about.

    I just want to be able to back it up to my server as an img and be able to restore it or clone it and expand (If larger drive) or whatever... wouldn't the SS read like a MBR? Like you're drive mirroring, it will copy that also, it should at least..

  6. Would be even cooler if the gameboy port actually worked with original gameboy games. ;) The current hack is pretty cool though.

    He's a member of the Sudomod forum and has been posting step-by-step TuT's on how to do it. Someone else took his 4 button arduino hack and redesigned it into a new PC board that makes installation more easier and elegant.


    So far there's two video TuTs on it from what I can find.

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  7. I know, and i soooooo want one.. haha

    Took some research but check it out.


    Game Boy Zero

    by wermy · 20 days ago

    Pi label

    Printed out a label onto a sticker, and laminated. Looks great! Honestly looks very close to a legit cartridge label.


    Wiring up the cartridge reader to the SD card pads on the back of the Pi Zero.


    Booting up the Pi through the SD card cartridge for the first time...


    It works! I found that when I had the case closed up (which caused the card reader wires to be pressed up tightly against other stuff), the SD card reader was pretty unreliable. It would fail to boot sometimes, give read errors when loading big games, etc. I added some shielding around the SD card reader wires though, and it's been rock-solid since then.

    Final layout
    Original link below


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  8. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-64-computer-and-handheld-console#/story




    I think it's pretty nifty that it will run the original native environment for coding. I'd really like to see its proposed specs and architecture.


    It's going to have USB, HDMI, SD Card, original cartridge mount (Maybe support for the oldschool accessories?)

    1541 drive emulation

    The SID chips will come piggybacked in the stock model which is awesome for music.

    Fully open source equipment too.

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  9. If you lived closer I'd loan out my devkit to you for sure. I'm doing nothing with it since I replaced the 213watt psu.


    Still been on hiatus with my own XDK Beta prototype restoration project with the classic xbox........  I'll eventually get around to it when my cars suspension is fully addressed...  =\


    It seems to me like your project is taking a step for the better, although a more difficult step, its progress nevertheless.

    Keep up the great work man!!!!!!

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  10. More than likely it's a broken solder point or cold joint due to heat if the original modder didn't create a decent cooling profile for it in dashlaunch...


    The maximum price to fix it is relative to what wrong with the console. You'd have to open it and provide some pictures if you wanted a better idea on what is or at least what isn't wrong with it.


    Pictures of all the wiring would do wonders as well as letting us know which model of Xbox 360 it is.


    Use this to figure out what model you have and then when you get it open, take a picture of the modchip so you know which one was used, then I could probably get you a wiring pinout which would let you be able to visually check the problem yourself..




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  11. I really should click his link before saying something like it'd have to emulate the opposing consoles stuff which allows the programs to run. If it did work it'd run slow as hell I'd think since it's running two types of instruction sets and highly doubtful unless working from a devkit that had sufficient memory to support such an action.

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  12. Ranks are  like karadashians irrelevant

    Well said. I'm a member on another forum and I think I have like maybe 82 posts on it or something and there's nothing  different other than your sub avatar changes to look a little bit cooler.

  13. I don't think you'll find any skin on Kodi that resembles FSD3. There are a few Xbox style skins like the Xbox One skin, the JX 720 skin or even the old school Project Mayhem 3 skin. There was a skin called Xperience, but that was for an XBMC4XBOX build... it's since been updated to Xperience1080 and lost its FSD look in favor of Xbox One.


    But for the most part Kodi has tried to distance it's relation with the Xbox. Skinners have mostly gone in another direction, so either skins aren't compatible with the latest Kodi builds, or they don't resemble what you're looking for. Something that may feel similar is maybe Black Glass Nova. I actually tested this skin for a little while, it's very well made, but a little heavy.



    edit: I found an unofficial update to Xperience More skin, maybe it's what you're looking for. Not sure if it will work on Isengard+ builds though as the file says 14 (Helix). Updated file here if you want to try it.

    I personally like using Titan and its all-in-one screen view with my filters set as a widget which makes Genesis // Trakt library integration a whole lot more elegant.  :turned:http://bestforkodi.com/enhanced-all-in-one-home-screen-titan-skin/

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