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  1. I still have to finish reading these pdf's that quattro gave me but it looks like I'll have to put on on a compatible disc. Hey the most that will cost if it fails is a blank CDR so I'm okay with that.
  2. Nothing that hackers do is illegal aside from break the security of online servers... Even if they did, a true hacker would never be discovered in doing so. I think you have your terminology mixed up with what society tells you what a hacker is. First you need to figure out the lexicon that you're trying to use. Start with these terms: hacker, crasher, warez d00d, virii programmer, scammer, phreaker, software pirate, leech, lamer, elf, script kiddie, social engineer, white hat hacker, grey hat hacker, black hat hacker....... When you figure out what those mean then you might have a better understanding of what the hell you're talking about. And even people in the warez scene that release those games you love to download soooo much almost never include online functionality because it was never intended to rip off the companies that develope them, it was a protest because customers were tired of being ripped off with shit games. I strongly encourage anyone who really likes a game to purchase it so that they can fully utilize all the features that were originally included with the game. For example, look at anything Released by FAiRLiGHT, Parad0x, or Razor 1911. In all the years that they've been around they never did advocate the theft of a game but the ability to see a game in all of it's entirety before someone actually purchased a game. Just like the music piracy scene, people were tired of buying an album and only getting 2-3 good songs off of an 18-21 track album made of complete garbage.
  3. This seems to be the theme of the week here... Thanks Team Xecuter!!! I wish they'd just provide support for their own services, I can totally empathize with you Swizzy when you have to constantly explain this to people who either want DLC, Mod Menus on Official servers, or stealth services....
  4. You have no fucking idea what a "Hacker" is bro. You got it twisted with a Warez d00d. Next thing you know you'll say Hackers write virii and break into banks to steal money.... This kind of stigma is why the Hacker scene has been jaded with lamer elf's since the early 80's I hate you scumbag wannabe motherfuckers with extreme prejudice.. You're the reason Metal shop got shut down as many times as it did, YOU'RE the kinda mental midget that is responsible for the scrutiny that alt.2600, Defcon, r00t, cDc, l0pht and Black Cat faced all these years. You give everyone who has always been out of the norm with developing stuff and learning and making things work the we want them to a BAD NAME. GTFO of here with that shit!! I'm glad people like you are too fucking stupid to figure out telnet and IRC.... People like this always fuck a good thing up, just like what happened with the demoscene when they all got associated as warez distro... I wish I could LIKE this reply sooooo much!!!
  5. The x3 displays green and red on boot... Any way I can reflash it? It could also be my solder job as I used a weller pyropen that runs on butane until I get my solder station replaced. Not the best of irons, I mainly use it for doing electrical work on my car or outdoors.
  6. Hows that quad working out for you? This one is alright but I won't push my juice past 50watts with the dual coil drip tank.
  7. Thanks man! We still need to chill for a couple of beers one of these days. I just upgraded my vape too! Fuchai 200watt with a Mad Hatter Mini
  8. I see, well, kinda, I found an Xecuter guide on how to install most of this stuff http://team-xecuter.com/x3/tutorials/x3pin16.htm but there are some dead links because of how old it is. Maybe I can get lucky and use the internet way back machine for the original information on it. I want to make sure I have all the components and if I'm missing any wires and whatnot to either replace or rebuild them. I won't be installing this until I go over the board and fix // replace anything that's bad on it. I don't know how long the devkit sat in that dumpster for but I am going to give it a new lease on life!
  9. So I wanna say thank you once again to Sladezdragonz for hooking me up with some more stuff to get this project on theright track. I think I have all the stuff I need to just outright bypass the bios now yeah? Got my Mastech SMD tester in the mail yesterday and now I'm just waiting on that digital thermocouple and I still need to replace my solder station and I can pick up where I left off.
  10. Kinda weird how the Dreamcast didn't have this copy protection feature on it.....
  11. Everything Swizzy just said and it will let you play certain XBLA games that are finicky (Like Minecraft) as well as it being crucial for using our own System LiNK for playing multiplayer with other people who have JTAG//RGH modded systems. Unless you're using a dual NAND setup (TX DeMoN board) I wouldn't be going on Xbox Live at all with this device because your KV (Keyvault) will get banned. Plus Xbox Live hacking is NOT SUPPORTED here! This is for your private usage and if you want multiplayer, Configure System LiNK to work and you'll be happy. The only games that I have found that don't work with JTAG//RGH so far are: The Crew, Titanfall, and Destiny. The games must also have system link in order to use System LiNK with them. It will probably be that way unless someone ever decides to reverse engineer said games to a centralized fake xbox live server and programs in the IP addresses to do so, which most likely won't happen for fear of a lawsuit from Micro$haft....... It's not that it isn't doable, it's just not legally viable at this point in time in my humblest of opinions.
  12. So it's been awhile since I touched up on this and no, I haven't given up. I just had a crazy amount of work at my job with these mandatory six day weeks we were given the last month and a half along with completely redoing the suspension on my car (Controller arms, Tie Rods, End Links, Shocks, Struts, Coils, Strut mounts, shock mounts, bump stops, strut bearings, Drivers Side CV Axle, Drivers side front wheel hub bearing and a crapload more stuff...) Still not done yet either, Body kit and replacement drivers side fender comes next before I even install the new non-melted inner fender liners to keep my timing belt safe and my lovely 850 R will be practically brand new! Since I am a poor and lowly warehouse worker who drives a stockpicker and a forklift (No, even with CCNA CCNA Security it's still about impossible to get the wonder IT job that I want) Paying for this shit doesn't come cheap. Or the test equipment that I need to check the board on this Xbox classic XDK Beta 2 prototype. I've decided to check all the components and replace any that fail. Doing this blindly is ludicrous, So I went and bought a Mastech MS8910 SMD autoscan tool. I am aware I'll have to desolder some components off the board in checking them and I'll be replacing my solder station over at Fry's when I get some more money. I also purchased a Mastech MS6514 USB Dual channel thermometer K/J/T/R/S/E/N thermocouple for use with a homebrew reflow station that I made out of a presto griddle and my W.E.P. 858D hot air reflow station. I still need to find something I can use for an arm and I think a c clamp to hold the damned thing in place so I can do raised board unflexing and reflows. I'm not just getting all this stuff for this project, but for all those consoles that I have piling up in the garage (Over 20 ps3's, 15 phats, 4 slims, 28 xbox classics) It's truly becoming a pile of shit and I really just want to fix them all. So, solder station, arm and clamp for elevated hot reflow station and I should be good to go. I already have the 4545W SMD reflow nozzle, one that will fit memory chips (1919,) and three pen fittings. Then theres the liquid flux colophane that I got at Fry's for 9 bucks.
  13. Yeah, I can understand why though. That's a pretty tough thing to crack and with the small amount of time the Saturn was out before they introduced the dreamcast I just don't think people cared enough to want to crack it.
  14. So this guy Laird-Wah finally figured out a way to emulate the Disc "wobble" used for DRM verification on discs and is now apparantly booting bin que images via USB stick. For more info with pics and some video check out this link! http://kotaku.com/after-20-years-someone-cracked-the-sega-saturns-drm-1783480023
  15. So just leaving it on could potentially prevent and uneven board flex?
  16. It'd look nice on the dash (like right under where your IP address displays,) but from the HUD I think it'd be more practical (Underneath the temp monitor.)
  17. Very frivolous I know, but it'd be pretty cool, at least for some bragging rights. lol It's only real practical use would be for console servers which I don't think we have unless someone wants to build a cluster for something..... anything..... not really sure how useful even that would be, But man.... It'd sure be COOL!! I got enough gathering in the garage that if someone ever ports Openstack to PPC it might be a neato frankenserver..
  18. When I see this stuff and RRoD's it kinda baffles me. My console has been on for the last 1 1/2 months 24/7 and it still doesnt get hotter than 60 degrees and it's covered in dust right now. Then again I set the cooling profile to 58 degree's and I used Antec Formula 7 Nanodiamond compound. It even sits upright, and still no issues with it and it was originally an RRoD rebuild that I did without a reflow or reball.
  19. hit start, scroll to xbox marketplace, select what assets you want, scroll to download missing assets, press A on download, wait....
  20. Doesn't it also do this with corrupted data, or is that just a fatal exception crash?
  21. Anyone else out there remember stuff that looks like this? Have a lust to play doorgames and MUD's again? How 'bout a FIDOnet tunnel? Maybe you just wanna be 1337 or /<-RÄ|) again? If so, check this out, for a new account login as new and follow the directions! It is ran by MYSTiC BBS, full shuttle menus with tunnels to the rest of our wondrous networks of old farts such as myself. ENJOY! I DO DAILY!!! http://fluph.bbsnexus.com/ EDIT: If you want a client that is 2k resolution supported check out netrunner here http://mysticbbs.com/downloads.html the telnet address for flupH is : telnet://fluph.darktech.org:23
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    I'm not a developer; however, if your game is unsigned code then yes, you would want to install an RGH chip and dump the NAND with XeLL, write it back with custom firmware in order to unlock your device in order to do what you want it to do.
  23. As I'm in the process of updating some of my skills in regards to Information Security, I have created a facebook page which I will be providing TuTs and additional resources. The group is White/Grey/Black, only I know who is what and it's purpose is that we all learn from eachother without them knowing eachothers background. I find this to be the best method of learning all sides of the spectrum. If anyone is interested, message me and I'll provide details. At this moment the general idea will be virtualized networks via GNS3 // Virtualbox // Kali Linux utilizing actual Cisco IOS/SDM/ASA virtualization with complimentary Windows Server / Solaris support. I do NOT profess to know it all; but I know the diverse group I have already selected can easily cover the stuff that I cannot. Anyone is welcome to join and all you gotta do is pay attention. The Honeypot is open.
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