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  1. Yeah, everyone had access to this.. its been out for a few weeks now.. lol..

    The new zelda game has been delayed to localization issues.. only real reason I'd want this system.. lol

    To each to their own I say. I think this device is going to have some pretty revolutionary technology on it.



    ARM ARCHITECTURE!!!!!    ^_^


  2. the 360 can use up to 2tb of external storage per usb. Tho the flash drive you linked seems very fishy. Kingston makes 1tb flash drives and they cost like 700-800 bucks. Remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry to burst your bubble dude... 

    Price difference is USB 2.0 versus 3.0

    Legacy 2.0 would be ideal for this type of work since the 360 USB is 2.0 architecture.

    At the least I could go with a more reliable 512GB Cruzer or Sandisk flash drive, but my memory is hazy as to whether or not it will work with retail titles on the MU. I already do this with my 2TB Western Digital passport drive externally. But if I can go internal with usable capacity like this that is faster since it is solid state. That would allow me to be able to re-use my passport drive for my main computer again. It's not greatly important to me as I already have 12TB of local storage on my main computer.

    As I said, it's not going to be used as external storage, Internal storage as a MU solder patch hack recognized as SlimMU. I think it's also doable on the phats via their MU pin connectors...

  3. So the other day I'm looking at USB 2.0 flash drives and I see that the prices on capacity came down A LOT!!

    I can get a 512GB flash drive for around 30 American dollars which seems pretty damned afordable.

    The 2 TB USB 2.0 flash key is under 100 dollars............


    This begs the question; well, this begs TWO questions:

    1. What is the MAXIMUM amount of storage allowed to the Xbox 360 MU architecture which is USB Bus 2.0?
    2. Can I execute programs from MU such as games?


    I know it auto-creates a Content folder, but I'm really wondering If I go and buy saaaayyyy... this device here.



    Insulate it if I can't tear it down further than it already is and do the USB MU Hack with it.  cmon guys.   This is how you build a 4-8TB personal gaming console or something....   I like creating Frankenstein-like abominations!!  This would be awesome if it works, But can it???!!???



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  4. Don't care about updating, i know about that. Can i use J-Runner options like reading and writing even with servers down? No Problems at all?

    Yes you can, the update feature to the best of my knowledge is only used for downloading newer versions of firmware

  5. I was thinking about seeing if Trusty is around, and getting the CPU upgraded also. Not sure I want that mod though, as it causes issues with some games running too fast.

    No one in the scene ever made a plugin to slow down the float point?

    I remember a very long time ago during the 2000's working with games from the 90's on newer equipment and even with DOSbox we had methods to adjust the float point so that the games would run slow enough to be able to play without impacting the system itself. Not sure how helpful that would be but as XB Classic is x86 hardware from what I understand, couldn't the same idea be implemented on overclocked systems?

  6. I've been sitting on one that I got from a member on RMS, doesn't play CDs unless it's upside down lolz.

    I wanted PSIO when it was released, but since I wasn't working I had no money. Now I have plenty of money but no time to spend on it... Or my 360, PS2, PS3 etc. I should probably just order it and sit on it too before it goes extinct.

    That's EXACTLY what happened to me this last year with that Crate & Barrel Distribution job...... Well, that and car restoration. I'm glad I'm outta that shit hole.  I hope your work is treating you better than mine did me.

    It will be really nice when solid state memory cards reach a high enough capacity to where these hacks totally do away with hard drives. I still have that PS1 I got quite awhile ago when I saw your first post on this. Another project that was put on hiatus when I got that job.  Believe me man, I know how it gets. I'm still sifting through all my stuff just to get some kind of order so I can finish all the stuff I started and regain some kind of sanity here hahahahaha! :geek:

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  7. I always like a challenge but this is now becoming ridiculous, is there anyone on this forum who can complete this r-jtag+ cr4 install for me? (for money of course). I'd just like to see it assembled and working and more so I'd want to know where I was going wrong. Thanks.

    What model 360 is it?

    To be honest if it's a Falcon, Jasper, or Trinity, don't give up. Those are easy to do in comparison to the others. How you feel is how I feel with re-attempting to glitch a zephyr...  PITA all the way around and after reading the TuTs on Corona's I won't even approach it as it doesn't seem worth the time other than a challenge these days.

    Honestly speaking, I'd rather explore the hardware mods on retro consoles than Corona's.


    you have to patch the TU (rebuild it would be correct term), patch DLC, and stuff.. but yeah most games dont have a problem with running normally on DevKit, ofc as long as you patch em.. just dont remove EVERYTHING like xextool does.. because yeah then it will cause issues and whatnot.. the commands "-rl and -md" should be the only options used..


    VS is more for debugging or making trainers, or even writing an app.. the XDK tho, is essential for making Dev TU's and whatnot with xlast.. i personally dont have a serial port (or atleast a PC that "works" with one haha) so uart and other debugging features i cant use..  

    as for TuT's.. not really man.. there is a sh*t load of info in the xdk doc's.. but as far as other stuff, eg "shadowbooting" no one will tell you.. haha.. i haven't even gotten a response from certain people.. but still really isn't needed as i can patch/rebuild stuff to work normally on my devkit.. all of which i am happy to share how to.. just not the XDK and the "illicit" stuff.. if someone has more coding capabilities, then an all-in-one tool could be made to make things easier.. but as for right now.. you have to use multiple programs to achieve getting a game to run normally on a devkit bro.. but as far as you being able to boot into the xshell (this is the proper name) that's normal.. you have to put aurora/fsd/xexmenu into the "devkit" folder for it to show in the xshell.. and as for swapping back to xshell (RGLoader has the option in the hud if you chose this option) from anything, you have to use a custom launcher to boot back, as there is no native way without it.. granted you CAN set a custom dash such as aurora or w.e to boot into from power-off state, you STILL have to use the launcher to return back.. lol..


    Thanks for the info, I'd really like to learn up on development in hopes of maybe testing or helping in develop that Kodi port for the 360. Would be a really nice addition to the community I think.

  9. You have a huge mis-understanding.. you dont touch the nand.. you load retail/modded/ect nand you will more than likely ruin it forever.. the console runs unsigned code, yes.. but not unsigned nand stuff.. like rgh nand.. you can get to a point called "shadowbooting" and patch the hv to allow retail xex's and whatnot.. but hardly anyone will tell you how..

    Can you freely downgrade to 20 something to use hvdump to get cpu key, yes, but after that particular version, stuff was patched and you absolutely need to shadowboot to get hv access and whatnot..

    Devkits for end user is really pointless.. because there is nothing that RGL provides that is different from an actual devkit.. besides 1gb of ram, insta-boot instead of waiting on the chip, ect..

    The nand is 64mb.. versus retail which is 16mb.. trying to load the 16mb nand will certainly fail everytime.. due to something missing, or whatnot..

    Rgloader patches the nand to look for the rest of the files on hdd, hence why it works.. "if" one could patch the devkit nand, you would still require a shadowboot to access the patches and whatnot.. and seems to me, it is a vicious cycle.. lol so dont ever try and load a rgh/retail nand into a devkit.. unless you have a backup, and nand-x or w.e to rewrite to the nand.. and even which case, xexbuild/jrunner wont read the nand due to it being 64mb, and failing.. you would have to use custom nandpro command line to even dump/write..

    Edit: here is something to put it into perspective for whom ever decides to look..

    Using RGL.. run xbwatson and watch what happens when you boot, rgloader.xex is what achieves this shadowboot, and constantly writes patches to the hv.. without that.. rgl wouldnt work.. ;-)

    I know this is an obscure request, but anywhere I could get some TuT's on this specific stuff? I have a Slim Trinity Final that I'd like to tinker with and I'm going to take your advice on not dicking with it until I fully understand what to do with it. I've had it untouched for nearly a year now and it has sidecar and the correct 203watt PSU I can't it to do shit other than load it's dev menu (Xexmenu official whatever) and the dev dashboard. I'd like to know some more info on it because I like screwing with stuff but not like a damned fool.


    I'll look into RGL and xbwatson.


    This reminds me, I need to get off my ass and continue that Xbox classic beta prototype devkit rebuild. Been kinda unmotivated since the last fail with it. god damned brick it is.....   I know it's fixable, just havent figured it out yet and I still need to read those manuals quattro sent me for the bios-less modchip that I installed into it for a ftp recovery.

  10. xell will ALWAYS boot versus the dash.. it is completely separate to the nand, which is checked against CPU for CPU key match.. as other stuff.. did you match the "RGH" nand to match the specs of what is in the CPU? eg, did you patch the nand with the correct cpu key?

    Edit: i stand corrected.. you took a 16mb nand from a retail kit, and tried to apply it to a dev kit, which case the nand is 64mb? You see the issue here?..

    Question on the devkit: do I have to chip one of these when modding it? I thought I didn't have to and could load the unsigned code without anything extra? Do I at least have to dump the NAND and rebuild with XeLL?

  11. Offhand, does anyone know why PCSXR would freeze on a phat right after program starts? no response from controller and when you hit home, the sound is audible but nothing displays.

    I've ftp'd different versions and they all do the same thing. Even tried fresh downloads hosted here, same issue.


    He has a Phat Falcon RGH2

    dashlaunch v3.15

    dash 17349

    This is the emulator I pulled off of my Trinity which works with no problems at all for my friends console. Just doesnt work on his...

    Anything I might need to update that would fix this issue?

  12. Try CD-RW, if I remember correctly they are more likely to work.

    I will look further into this after reading up the information quattro gave me. I'm thinking the x3 I was given is fragged, but if I can reflash like you said it should be pretty nice. I really just want this thing to work now these days. I haven't even decided what I want to do with it once I get it working, just get the damned thing going and I'll be happy! BTW my Mastech MS6514 digital thermocoupler arrived from China the other day and I'm still in the process of figuring what all it can do. this tool will really help in getting all those other boards working again I think!

  13. Yes, you can reflash the X3, It has been a while since I have messed with original xbox mod chips, as I switched to TSOP/Softmods about the time the OG xbox lost live support, but if I remember correctly, you need a hardware flasher for it. then again that might be one of the chips with a failsafe bios, that lets you flash a new bios from a burnt cd.

    I still have to finish reading these pdf's that quattro gave me but it looks like I'll have to put on on a compatible disc. Hey the most that will cost if it fails is a blank CDR so I'm okay with that.

  14. There is no logic in what they're all saying , so they moded a console so most of normal jtag users "not the stupid ones" play all the games want for free,  which  only means that every thing they 'the good hackeres" did is absolutely illegal, then they decided to stop there and pay money to play some games (they were able to play for free) and decided to patch something called link to play one or two online multipayer games with 2 jundred when they are able to play them with 2 millon ppl . WHAT LOGIC ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ???? 

    And do not tell me it's cuz it's not human and we should support the developpers knowing that there are no futur releases for the xbox 360

    Nothing that hackers do is illegal aside from break the security of online servers...

    Even if they did, a true hacker would never be discovered in doing so.

    I think you have your terminology mixed up with what society tells you what a hacker is.

    First you need to figure out the lexicon that you're trying to use.

    Start with these terms: hacker, crasher, warez d00d, virii programmer, scammer, phreaker, software pirate, leech, lamer, elf, script kiddie, social engineer, white hat hacker, grey hat hacker, black hat hacker.......

    When you figure out what those mean then you might have a better understanding of what the hell you're talking about.

    And even people in the warez scene that release those games you love to download soooo much almost never include online functionality because it was never intended to rip off the companies that develope them, it was a protest because customers were tired of being ripped off with shit games. I strongly encourage anyone who really likes a game to purchase it so that they can fully utilize all the features that were originally included with the game.  For example, look at anything Released by FAiRLiGHT, Parad0x, or Razor 1911. In all the years that they've been around they never did advocate the theft of a game but the ability to see a game in all of it's entirety before someone actually purchased a game. Just like the music piracy scene, people were tired of buying an album and only getting 2-3 good songs off of an 18-21 track album made of complete garbage.

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  15. This seems to be  the theme of the week here...  Thanks Team Xecuter!!! 


    I wish they'd just provide support for their own services, I can totally empathize with you Swizzy when you have to constantly explain this to people who either want DLC, Mod Menus on Official servers, or stealth services....

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