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  1. The Brutal Doom project has always been awesome but this new revision looks PHENOMENAL!!
  2. Pretty much reroute all the I/O calls an memory registers to valid locations on the hardware its being ported to right?
  3. I took intro to computer programming and logic, received a good dosage of pseudocode and flowchartting, then my professor gave us a shitty crash course on python. Since then I've had a stigma for it but I do know I need to learn the POSIX scripting languages for real system administration. I'll self-study it one day when all my pre-reqs are completed and I complete my CCNP training, just not now.
  4. Makes me wish my major was programming and not network engineering. I do think Gamecube and PS2 will eventually come to MESS but whether or not someone ports it to the 360 is my only question. It would be nice though only having to port one thing for support for that VAST amount of platforms.
  5. I have a few sound wav's that I ripped off an old Mechwarrior II install disc that I'd eventually like to build a skin around. I'm really new to the scene and would like some information on where I can go to find tutorials on skinning and embedding sounds into skins. Could someone steer me in the right direction? sounds.rar
  6. Any idea if its even possible to port it? I was looking at their forum the other day and it seems like it would be a good universal console emulator for platforms that no one is currently working on and if was doable, would it be able to retain it functionality for the 360? The reason I bring this up is that I see that many people want ps2 / GC emulation but the console itself doesn't have the resources to do it effectively using libxenon. I may be speaking out of naivete here but couldn't the local interpreters used in MESS itself make it more efficient and possibly make it happen? Or would it be emulating a console environment and translating it twice making it useless even if PS2 / GC support did eventually come to MESS? I did some research and found that they did port it over to PPC for Mac so maybe the souce could be adapted for a 360 port? http://www.macmess.org/
  7. Even though this can be reached by opening the dash.xex from XeX Menu (dash.xex crashes when opened from aurora) it would be nice if wifi ssid selection could be made from within Aurora for end users that don't know how to navigate to dash.
  8. I'll just have to put that stuff on the MU then, my best solution up until now was using FATxplorer and just copying the data directly over from the top-mounted SATA dock on my PC.
  9. My approach on it was to format the drive to USBMU like I do for XeXmenu and export the other homebrews via horizon if possible but I don't think its something thats a viable solution since you say Aurora and FSD won't be writable if they're in an XBLA package. Seems like it'd only work for read only packages which most of the stuff I want to copy over is stuff that needs to be configured after install. Looks like I'm stuck with doing it with two USB sticks for the time being. Now prepackaging the software with the NAND build sounds like a great idea, I'll google around for some TuT's on how to do it. About how much space in Flash do I have to work with for this though? Thanks for getting back to me man I appreciate it a lot! ****EDIT**** Nevermind, I misunderstood you. Not likely to build the NAND with these apps as the flash is read-only... lol I do install dashlaunch right after copying XEXmenu and running backwards compatibility, then comes reboot then dashlaunch install, config, followed by fsd3 and aurora install.
  10. Does anyone know how (or if its possible) to convert programs such as dashlaunch, FSD, Aurora, backwards compatibility hack, etc... into a horizon transferable format? I'd like to make one of my flash drives have all the system software for when I do a fresh RGH onto a new system instead of using one drive for XeX Menu and another drive for everything else. I know they must be converted into a compatible filesystem and was wondering if there are any tools available to do that like how XeX Menu is.
  11. Anything I can do to help contribute! So much is done here for free for everyone that it's the least anyone can do if they can't code, do hardware, or make skins. I know a bit about the electronics side also so whenever I see someone in need of help I'll put my two cents in when its useful.
  12. I'm open for some gaming CoD and Diablo3 get boring after awhile so if you want to play any games hit me up and I'll join you
  13. Wasn't too sure where to post this but I think this is the right place. So I combed through Google images the other day and stumbled across some really nice textures, fractals, and scanning electron microscopy pictures in HD quality! They're all in 1920x1080 resolutions and look wonderful in Aurora using the animate feature for the fractals and not using the animate feature for the other stuff. This pack has 56 wallpapers that work and look pretty neat (at least I think they look neat) I simply uploaded them via ftp into the Aurora/Backgrounds folder and they're readily available to use from the dash. Enjoy! backgrounds.rar
  14. So when 5b is released will it be able to just upgrade through the update feature in Aurora? or will I have to just copy over the binaries? Also its a shame that more people that can code aren't onboard like a repo-based Stable / nightly build but totally understandable. If I knew C+ and Python well enough to do anything with I'd help out.
  15. Battlefield Hardline and Alien Isolation are the same way, I did a bunch as GOD and now as I go back to test run the game I'm realizing that most of the multidisc games I converted should've been extracted (At least the content folder of disc 1) Live and learn I guess....
  16. I thought as much... It has the current kernel 17150 =\ Looks like I'll just have to wait until I get the modding parts to fully fix the drive, I am happy that at least its reading discs again though.
  17. Since replacing the laser the drive now reads discs however it won't play games. Its acting as though the DVD Keys don't match with the "Insert this game into an xbox 360" Message. Now I'm really confused since everywhere I've read on the TX forums Falcons did not ship with MS25 drives...... I'm going to RGH this console so I can at least dump the DVD key from the mobo NAND. Any ideas as to an alternative method of doing this other than glitching the board to run Xell?
  18. lol wow, Now I really feel like an ass hahaha! Thanks man, will keep the misc filters section in mind.
  19. The only thing I can see that it lacks other than LiNK supported games filter is that genre isnt supported by xbox classic titles.
  20. I know this is no easy task but having the Games, XBLA, Homebrew, Xbox Classic, and Emulators section with a fifth category that holds LiNK supported games would be awesome. In those categories having Game Genre and a search feature would also be nice. Its a databasing nightmare but I think it would make the overall accessibility of the software much much more enjoyable! A very low priority indeed but I think it should be considered as a future project when the more important things are completed. I do understand the filters in the programs displayed menu but incorporating the search function by genre and LiNK support would be really awesome! *EDIT* nevermind, I just found the genres filter...... =\ please delete this post.
  21. WIsh this had been posted a few months ago, could've saved me the wait on getting my stuff imported from Australia.
  22. From what I gather no Falcons came with ms25, I got two parted out and weathered phats, one's a Xenon and the other is a Falcon. the Xenon has RRoD and the Falcon just doesnt read discs. The drives in the box are a Lite-On and a ms25. From doing research I found out the drive most likely used for the falcon is the Lite-on but I won't know for sure until after I RGH it. They're both stock just owned by someone who should've never touched them when they originally broke. He did the hot towel trick to the Xenon so I'm sure I'm going to have to reball that one and originally, this Falcon only had the eject error issue which I did fix but it still won't read a disc for either of the drives. I know if its the wrong DVD key it will still play a DVD and if its a game it will read and ask to play in an xbox 360. The Falcon does neither...
  23. Such as? Please don't tell me that the tvaddons.ag repo isn't compatible.... That could make a man cry.
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