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  1. Could duff connectx settings slow this down? I've previously played around with connectx, but no longer use it: I had left the settings populated though. Might be a fluke, but seems to be a bit faster now that I have removed the plugin.
  2. It doesn't struggle at all with the first 100. But I have to wait a long time for it to do the same for future loads. However, once they have all loaded, I can see them all quickly and don't experience ANY delays on the covers. There must be something delaying the first time it tries to load something outside of the initial 100.
  3. It loads these 100 one at a time very quickly, but then stops. Is this then waiting for something? I presume my issue is regarding the volume of titles - does Aurora then wait until it has retrieved the remainder of the covers from disk before loading them ALL?
  4. I've just been tinkering with my layout and can see that upon initial boot, Aurora starts loading the covers for the 50 games to the right of the selected game, and 50 games to the left of the initially selected game. The rest of the covers remain completely empty for several minutes before all loading. Is this 50/50 (or 100) a known and/or configurable value that can be set somewhere in preferences? Also, do different themes have different settings for this cover-loading?
  5. The quick views take, ironically, a long time to load for me when changed. Plus this doesn't solve the issue of the covers not loading. I'm wondering if my hard drive isn't running as good as it could be. I do have a very large library of games though. I can live with the load time....it's the waiting time for the covers that I want to reduce. I have to be logged into the dashboard for several minutes before covers have all appeared. Not great for whenever I restart the XBox to start a different title.
  6. I was thinking that I could have a separate database for different categories. E.g. Xbox classics, XBLA, Kinect etc. That way, it saves loading the entire database every time I boot...it would only need to load one of the smaller databases. This would hopefully speed up the Aurora "reading content" times and also allow display of covers sooner....
  7. Might think about having multiple instances of Aurora running on my Xbox and using Dashlaunch to switch between them on boot. Would this be a feasible solution to reduce the collection size?
  8. I expected this to be the case. Would an SSD improve this?
  9. Are there any settings/tips for improving the cover loading speed within Aurora? When the system loads, I get a handful of covers displayed (around the originally displayed title), but it takes quite a while (minutes) before any more start to appear - they do appear eventually though. At this point, I think I'd rather sacrifice some of the aesthetics if I could have all covers start appearing in the dashboard sooner. I presume this is probably due to the volume of covers it is trying to load, however is there any way to save cached versions, or reduce the quality, remove backs, not load other elements (such as screenshots etc.) so it can completely focus on getting the covers populated sooner?
  10. For "Egg Mania" (Xbox Classic), I've placed the cover as follows: Aurora\User\Import\4B420002\cover.jpg When I run Asset/Import, it tells me import complete and there is no change. Also, when this has successfully run, will the file be removed from the User/Import folder? I'll have a play with text files and xbox 360 games.
  11. Hi. I've recently been going through my collection and updating Assets using the previous tool. I've tried using this importer, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Can you confirm the following: Do we need to have a minimum amount of files for any given Title, or can I, for example, simply drop a cover.jpg and it will ONLY import the cover? Also, does this work for Xbox Classic games (I assumed it would, and I could just use the title ID in the same way?)
  12. Hi. A quick question regarding flipping this original question on its head... I want to re-use an old hard drive I have used with Aurora before (with the same paths etc.) If I reformat the hard drive (it is currently not FAT32) - will it maintain the same device ID in Aurora (as it did before)? If so, I presume I can just put the games in the directories already specified by the Aurora database? ~ Chris.
  13. How easy would it be to modify the speed/jumping of the right and left triggers when scrolling? Could larger libraries could have a setting that jumps faster or more titles with a LT/RT push?
  14. Could a series of quick views be set up, for titles beginning with each letter? 26 quickviews. This would allow bumper scrolling between letters.
  15. I used SQLite Maestro to edit the content.db stored in the Aurora Database folder. I found this to be a very quick way of editing the titles you require via your PC. ~ Chris.
  16. Thanks, I'll have a look at the scripting side of things. If I were to add a brand new field to the content.db contentitems table, is that accessible within Aurora using scripts? ~ Chris.
  17. Hi. I was just wondering if there is a way to add my own custom fields to the data stored within the Aurora database? If this is possible, is there a way to either display or filter based on these custom fields? I don't mind rolling my sleeves up and getting into the SQLite side of things (as I have already done this to merge my neat titles from an XLS with the titles downloaded from the internet) and I can see that columns could be added here... ...but if I did this, will they even be usable in Aurora (I've not really looked into Aurora's scripting side of things yet). ~ Chris.
  18. Absolutely, and it is indeed a handy feature. Maybe a customization option for future versions, allowing different methods for hiding these games (i.e. different levels of darkening or maybe an X at the top corner of the game or something). I, personally, just find the complete blackening to be a little too much. Just personal preference though. I will have a play with removing them from the list completely for now. Thanks for your responses.
  19. Ah, I never thought of it this way around. However, is there a way to still display the disconnected games, but have them show their covers as though they weren't disconnected.
  20. Hi. Is there any way to prevent Aurora from blacking out any games that are on disconnected hard drives. I'd like to be able to swap a couple of hard drives, but still maintain a nice complete cover-flow if drives aren't all connected at any given time. ~ Chris.
  21. Sounds good. Looking over the software, that might be the only feature left that would convince to me to move to Aurora as the main software.
  22. Do you ever see the availability of an option to attach your own cover to each title rather than strictly relying on XboxUnity? The example I raise is that the only cover I have for some titles is of too low quality for XboxUnity (which is fair enough - not everyone would want low-quality downloads), but I would still like to be able to add it to my own collection.
  23. Looking at FSD, it only has a front cover, and not a FULL cover (front and back). Might this be the issue? Does Unity only accept covers with a created rear view?
  24. Sounds like a plan. I'll have a look at the remaining games that don't seem to have covers and I'll grab them from my FSD images. Thanks for your help.
  25. TitleID is 584109B1 both on my system and on the unity site. However, I notice that Unity has no covers. I would therefore not expect a cover to download...however one DID download on FSD. I don't know how I can get the same cover to download on Aurora - where did the FSD one come from. ~ Chris.
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