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  1. If you have the physical Disc then try installing the dlc from disc 2 in the default xbox dash and then try running the game. This worked for me as i had the physical copy and i played it on my jtag console.
  2. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    Yes i tried that but to no use.i think i should try resetting my unity account.
  3. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    yes and i could play matches just fine a while back but recently i have no idea what happened.
  4. Try using a ftp software to copy the game files to your pc or use a usb and copy the game from the dashboard.
  5. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    I have the latest TU and this problem occurred recently. before this happened i could join matches that were in progress and i tried joining different rooms but the problem still occurred.
  6. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    Hey everyone. the problem is that i start black ops 2 and then i join a room but after that the game doesn't show amy matches in the system link games section. i try to refresh by pressing the X button but it does not work. any help would be appreciated.
  7. its a great idea i just hope you get enough support to actually do it.
  8. i download a TU for The Evil Within a few days ago so i could play the dlc. Make sure to activate the TU by pressing the A button while the downloaded TU is highlighted.
  9. Is there any news about the release date of this release???
  10. No, its been about 3 years since the release of the current gen consoles so i dont think so. im just happy to see that now me and others can play something other than black ops 2 on link. great to see the jtag community so alive. :D
  11. Did anyone else notice that suddenly there are a lot of people playing on link in a lot of games other than black ops 2. i was really amazed and really happy to see this as i thought that recently that maybe the jtag\rgh community was kind of dead.
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