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  1. I still love to have those trainers and any other that can be found, but I had no luck searching Please, DnP, if you manage to get them would you, please, tell me how to get them too? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks a lot for all your work with Aurora
  3. Thank you very much for keeping such wonderful work. Aurora is amazing
  4. Thank you very much, InKeNET. Great job
  5. Thank you very much for all your trainers, Felida Best regards
  6. Thanks a lot for the trainers, gavin_darkglider and Inkenet (and, of course, thanks a lot to the people that made them)
  7. WOW!!! over 600 great trainers from expokiki (Boogey Man ;)) Please, please, please, would you share them with us? I miss all of you very much since XYZMods closed Thanks a lot for all your work (I could enjoy some in XYZMods) Best regards
  8. Thanks a lot for the trainers, expokiki
  9. Thanks a lot once more for all your great work. You are amazing...
  10. Thank you very, very much for such an amazing and hard work.
  11. Thanks a lot for such an amazing work!!! I'm new to RGH but now I'm sure this is the dashboard I'm going to use. :clap:
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