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  1. Yep, many thanks to all people involved! It's great to see JTAGs/ RGHs still getting so much love & attention. Homebrew at its finest. Keep it on!
  2. You did an impressive job here. I really like your skin. So maybe some ideas for the next revision: - fix the broken red line in coverflow view - fix the broken game counter - fix the upper screen border of pixels in coverflow view - fix the missing game title in details view (or is it intentional?) - fix the cut-off details for size, date and time in file browser - fix the mangled text in system -> loaded modules - align the 2 background pictures correctly to each other in title updates view when switching between "installed" and "Unity Marketplace" With these bug fixes your skin should be the bomb!
  3. Thanks for responding. Guess this is mainly important for people using trainers & mods. I personnally never had the need for temporarely deactivating TUs or using older versions over the latest one. So I couldn't see the benefit here. A config option for TU backup behaviour would be nice, nonetheless. Keep up the good work!
  4. Why does Aurora even make backups of hard-installed title updates? I know that soft TUs get automatically deleted after some time from the cache, but hard TUs don't. They are stored in content/00000000000000 and stay there. No need for duplicates. And since hard TUs get bigger and bigger nowadays, these backups seem like a total waste of space. Would be great if Aurora would stop doing that... or at least have a setting for duplicating soft TUs only.
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